Monday, September 12, 2005

Icy Hot

So, I met up with the 'kid' from the park from one of my more recent posts. He did call like he said he would!

I went to him house and he was in just as much heat as I was. Barely got in the door before we were both totally erect. I did the old hot action of unbuckling his belt and pulling down his zipper w/my teeth. It's much more difficult than porn stories lead you to believe - and I'm sure my dentist wouldn't be happy!

I blew him good, but was hoping he'd fuck me. While in the kitchen he went down on me too. The kid can suck dick. Took all 8" of me down - and he has a fuckin' mouth like velvet. But his dick in my ass felt so good at the park, I needed/wanted it again. Alas that part was not meant to be, but we still had fun.

He dragged me back to his bedroom - and we got nekkid. I pulled off his shoes and went down on his feet. This had him WILD. I blew each and one of his toes the proceeded to lick all over the bottoms of his feet - further pushing his buttons.

Eventually he did the same to me. I have very sensitive feet, but after a bit, I could relax and really enjoy it. We'd 69 at the combo of dick/feet/ass eating. The kid at my ass - and he at it GOOD. On and off for about an hour. I was begging for something to be put up my cunt.

An idea popped into my head from a buddy of mine in Pittsburgh. I told him to get some ice cubes. He did and I had him put one up my ass. After it popped in - I had him push it deeper with his fingers. The immediate cold goes away soon enough. You can feel the heat take over the cube making it a mere puddle up your hole.

Soon there was a second one and then a third. The kid would put it in his mouth to take off the rough edges - but would also blow me w/the cube in his mouth. Always love that feeling.

I was getting greedy and wanted more cubes up my hole. He told me to get them - so I got the last five from his freezer. He'd put one in his mouth - I'd put one in mine. I'd take it out and rub it on his buzzed head while he blew me w/it in his mouth. Then he'd put one up my ass and immediately put another one up there. ....until all 5 were gone.

I loved the feeling of them up there...melting w/the furnace of my pussy (as he'd call it). But then even he got piggish and insisted I sit on his face and push the melted ice into his mouth. Who am I to argue? I sat on his face and started pushing out what was in my ass. As much as I thought the ice had melted, I was soon to find out it might have, but the water was still ice cold. A new great sensation. And he took it all. A pig after my own heart - if I only had one.

Afterward he just jacked off on my asshole again. Just like the woods, he went and licked it all up and then presented it to me - and pushed it into my mouth. Very hot.

But now it was my turn (and you know I don't get off during sex a lot) - but I had him get on his knees and open his mouth. With great precision - I lobbed off shots and shots of cum - that almost landed in his open orafice 100% time. Then I pushed my cock in his mouth and told him to swallow all the seed. And he did.

He got up enough to collapse on his bed. I just reached for my shorts and walked out the door - and yelled back to call me.

He will. Possibly more whipped than I am.

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