Friday, September 02, 2005

Mike Fleming

May or may not be his real name (but no cities are mentioned here - so try to find him!).

I met him while I was in college. On the 6th floor of the library yet (one of THE cruisiest spots on campus - I kid you not). He kept walking by my desk, but I couldnt' believe he'd be interested in me. He seemed like a grad student to my junior year. Receding hairline, but horribly horribly masculine. He got me to follow him down to the 5th floor which had NO desks - and just stacks. There he had me get on my knees and look at his cock. He wouldn't let me suck it really until I jacked off first. Not quite sure why - but maybe he wanted to see if a guy was still interested in his dick/load after they ejaculated. I was. I popped my nut on the floor and he fed me.

Oddly enough, we went out for a beer afterward. Almost unheard of in anonymous library sex. But then went back to my crappy efficiency where I proceeded to eat his ass for an hour until he popped a 2nd nut. At that point he took off. Never to see him for a few years.

Flash forward to where I was gonig out to gay bars more regularly. After hours, there was a breakfast place where people would eat away their drunkenness. Lo and behold, there was Mike. I had to piss and he was already in there. When I came out - he was waiting in the anteroom and just grabbed me and stuck his tongue down my throat. We made out while guys passed us to get in and out of the bathroom. In my drunken haze I told him my address and told him to meet me there in an hour. We went back to our respective groups (little did I know that one of my tablemates had seen me sucking face!).

I never actually expected him to show - but he was there WAITING for me. I also had no idea if he even remembered who I was (or that he'd had me before). And I never asked. We actually made out on the sidewalk before heading up to my apt. Once there we were all over each other. He had a great beefy body. Not fat. Not defined....but hot to me. Same hairline. Same great tasting ass. He wanted me to fuck it - but I was too drunk. But he wasn't. He got me on my stomach and slid it to me. It was fun - but the alcohol was too much. We barely finished and just passed out. Again next morning - never to be seen again for quite awhile. Well, I'd see him out w/a muscle hussey boyfriend, but if he noticed me (or remembered me) he never acknowledged it.

Flash forward MANY more years. I had moved out of town and had come back for a conference. The hotel was across the street from a leather bar, so I hit it. The place was pretty dead, but there he was. I was leaning against the wall w/my beer. He stood right next to me. He nodded. I nodded (again - did he know/remember me?). He turned and told me he thought I was hot (i don't think he remembered me). I said the same - and that I always thought that. He smirked. I told him I had a hotel room a block away. He said he'd meet me there. At that point he took my hand and placed it on his crotch. The zipper was down and he had me feel inside. I already knew what was there.

15 minutes later he knocked on my door. Without a doubt it was the hottest time of them all. We made out. I sucked. I ate his ass for a LONG time. He fucked me in every imaginable position. He had acquired a filthy fuckin mouth on him - which I loved. I would have loved for him to stay all night - but he didn't.

He did promise to call the next evening and maybe bring a friend. Unfortunately he called earlier than I anticipated and I was still at the conference. He never called back.

But knowing our history - he's still in that town. And somewhere down the road, I WILL run into him again.

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