Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Into the Woods.........Again

So last Friday, I boogied out of work early (long holiday weekend, ya know) but didn't go home. I went to the park. I needed dick.

The park was actually very low key, maybe b/c of the holiday. Eventually one guy pulled up. Early 20s (which is younger than I normally do). Baseball cap. Jim Thome jersey. Short hair and a patch of hair on his chin.

He gets out of his pick-up truck and heads down the path to the woods w/out giving me a look. I didn't take this as non-interest and just followed. He was waiting - playing pocket pool. I responded doing the same in my suit pants.

I got my hand on his fly and pulled it down. Out came a nice 7" piece of meat. Not too thick. It stiffened up, but remained the same length size. I loved that he was freeballing too. I got down on my knees and took him to the root. His hand found my head and placed it there - but not forced.

After awhile I got off my knees and he went to his. I don't normally feed, but he was good, young and eager. Eventually he moved around to eat my ass - which I love. Soon enough he was standing behind me trying to work his way in. I tried to make it was easy as possible for him. I bent over just so and braced myself on a tree. He got in and we were taking it nice and easy, every once inawhile he popped out of the hole.

At one point he did this as I was seeing someone approaching down the path. We straightened ourselves up before the person got into position to see us. As it turns out, it was a guy I blew a few weeks back. Short, masculine, medium but heavy dick. Quiet too.

I motioned him over and he came. I got his dick out and bent over to work on it. My suit pants were still up, but my ass was jutted out for the kid to see it. He got the hint. He felt it through my pants and stepped up behind me. I got to loosen the pants and he pulled them down just enough to get exposure to what he wanted. The guy I was blowing said nothing....to the scene or to my talents.

The kid tried to get back into me, but the angle was weird. He rubbed it up and down and all around while the 2nd guy just fed me dick. The feeder was so low key, I had no idea he was as close as he was....but all of the sudden there was one throb and my mouth was rewarded with sperm. Lots of it. The guy squeezed and milked his shaft while it stayed in my mouth. I got every fuckin drop. And held it.

I pulled off and turned to the kid and placed my cum filled mouth onto his shaft - coating it good. But I was smart enough to save some. I stood up and pulled him to me and kissed him - passing the load. I left enough at the lips so when we pulled away there was strings of it joining our mouths. The 2nd guy looked at the scene w/awe and just walked away. I bent over.

The kid new what to do w/his semen slicked dick. He got it up me in no time. A hit of poppers and I felt great. All too soon he was getting to the end. He muttered he wanted to cum on my ass - and I said cum in my hole. He heard 'cum ON my hole'. I had reached around to pull myself open and he saw the target. I could feel the shots just hit the hole, slide over them and drip off. So hot.

Normally, I'm not the aggressive type, but I told him 'go fuckin lick it off!'. And he did. Every fuckin drop. Then it was his turn. He came right up to me, grabbed me, kissed me and fed me his load from his own mouth.

So fucking hot. I purposely did not get off b/c I was hoping for a 3rd or 4th guy. But it was not to happen. I wished he had seem me get off b/c of his actions. He has my number. Hopefully he'll call.

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