Thursday, September 15, 2005

2 Fucks - 1 Day

Lately, I have been incredibly horny. Yes! Actually moreso than usual. I cannot keep my mind on anything that is not dick. I guess that's why you're reading the tales of a sex addict. Not a reformed sex addict.

But yesterday was a good day. I had been conversing with a few guys over the last few weeks/months to attempt hook-ups and somehow two fell into place on one day. My original plan had been to hook-up w/Ben, but unfortunately it did not happen. These two guys were ok, but Ben is the one true Cleveland Pig I've met so far.

So, guy #1 I meet in a grocery store parking lot. It was pre-arranged, not like stumbled across him. I had seen cock shots of him, but not the face. That was was the voice, but no one I would have picked-up in a bar. The plan was for a blow-job, which I love to do (as you well know by this point). The man had a great dick. Almost 8", medium thickness and a shaft that curved upwards. I did a really good job sucking him - and that's just not my opinion. He was loving it - even how I took him to the pubes (which is not always easy on a big dick that curves UP!). However, the man did not like his balls touched or licked. What kind of man doesn't like that???

Eventually we kind of 69'd. I sucked. He fingered my ass. It was then I realized this was NOT going to be just a blow-job. Soon enough he got between my legs and positioned himself. He rubbed around my hole, teasing it...and finally suggesting we take it upstairs.

Up there, I did a little more sucking. He did a little more fingering after putting some lube on his fingers. As it would turn out, that's the only lube we'd use. He put enough on that when his dick penetrated me it was enough. As big as he was, it felt great up there. For his lack of good looks, he was a master at fucking. He put it to me and I was loving it. All too soon (though it probably was 20 minutes) he couldn't hold back. He just flooded me! But as usual, when it's over, it's over and he was out the door....which was fine w/me.

About an hour later I got a call from a guy whom I tried to hook-up with last winter. We never got it together but had been in touch for multiple attempts. I was still so fucking randy - so I gave him directions.

He was better looking than his picture led on. Tall. Tan. Fit. All he had said was he wanted fun - and I couldn't get a better answer out of him even when pressed. Fine - I can deal. Immediately he sat on the couch w/his legs spread. I didn't do my normal fall to my knees - but decided to lean over and rub his crotch. I got a little nervous when I found no package at all. I could feel nothing.

Bryan (his name) reached up and played w/my nipples through my t-shirt. Well, those are both 'on' switches for me - and the only 'off' is post-ejaculation. He read my reaction and knew he had me. Of course, it didn't hurt that I told him if he continued that he could do anything he wanted. I'm not so subtle, I guess. I leaned down and kissed him and he kissed back - all the while rubbing my tits.

Eventually I straddled him and sat on his lap. We made out. We played w/each other's chests, but I could also feel his hips move up and down as I sat on him. He wasn't so hard to figure out either.

Our pants came off. I went down on him. I ate his nuts. I ate his ass - which I thought was going to get him to shoot right then and there. He asked 'when was the last time you got fucked'. EEEk. I wasn't sure how he'd take it if I said 'oh...and hour ago'. So I was more coy and said - about 10 minutes from now. He loved that.

Bryan really fingerd my ass - so not sure if he didn't feel the load that was in there, or just not saying anything about it. Though he was about 7.5 and a thinner shaft, it was harder taking him. I'm not sure why, but it was. After a few attempts of him getting it in - I took hold of the shaft and placed it at my entrance and told him to push. He sunk right in.

Better looking than the first guy - but not as adept at the art of pumping butt. More jack-rabbit, but it still felt good and he was really really really enjoying it. He also took a little longer. We were covered in sweat when he started screaming loudly. Thank g-d I have no neighbors close by. But I love a verbal man and woudn't have cared who heard us. I was BEGGING for him to finish. He took my 'hint' and went for the goal. He shot even more than guy #1.

As usual, I didn't get off. Somewhere deep in my make-up, I feel I'm not the person to get off in those situations. I"m there for them. And I am way good with that.

Ironically enough - those two guys did nothing to keep my mind off of sex. So, let's see what today brings.

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