Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Empty Apartment II

Another repeat - and I was glad to have it.

Sunday night I recieved an email from the guy I serviced a few weeks back (see post for Aug 29th). He said to come to the apartment I was at last time and just walk in. Lights would be off. As promised the door was ajar and he was in the front room, stripped naked and leaning against the wall.

Unlike last time I didn't even have to do anything to get him aroused. His cock was sticking straight out...already fully lengthened. In no time flat I was on my knees in front of him. In an instant I was to the root of his prick and he started sliding in and out of my mouth.

Last time there was a variation of me sucking vs him face fucking me. This time the scene consisted mostly of him pumping my pussy mouth. He picked up right where he did last time when he figured out he could smack my face. Whereas the last time that happened close to the end - right off the bat he was slapping me HARD.

I guess since he knew I took it last time, it gave him license to do it again while testing my limits. The hits became more frequent and harder. Once I almost pulled off his cock to tell him to go easy. ALMOST.

But I didn't. I took it like a man. He'd grab my ears and really pull me down hard on his dick while thrusting up into my mouth. I took it like a pro - never gagging, though I think his intent was to try to make me.

He was a low talker. I know he was saying dirty things, but couldn't only make out a word or two - and mostly that was 'cocksucker'. But I continued on - eating his ass and licking his nuts, which like last time were non-existent (seriously - not small, I couldn't see or feel *anything*!).

But good things come to an end (or is it 'cum'?) and I knew he was getting close when I did hear him mutter, "you dirty fuckin' whore"! Just then the pulled out of my mouth and sprayed me with big ropes of cum. I'd have loved to take it in my mouth - but I realized that since he did the same thing last time, this was his thing. I'd have to abide.

And the man has a huge load. So microscopic nuts mean nothing. Something in there was still producing a large amount of scum that he can give to guys like me.

I wanted to milk his dick w/my fist and clean him up - but as I reached for it he backed away. While looking down on me he just said, "we're done now."

Taking that que, I stood up and walked out the door, but not before thanking him. He just repeated, "done!". I walked back to my car - his load on my face, which I wore home and let dry, but not w/out tasting some here and there.

I hope he doesn't mean we're done-done.

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