Sunday, September 18, 2005

Football Suck

So today I answered an ad on craigslist. A guy in a nearby hotel. After we exchanged emails and phone numbers, we finally made real contact. He was doing nothing but kicking back in his room - drinking beer and watching football. And wanting head.

I was at his hotel in a half-hour since little more excites me than a guy who'll have a remote in one hand, a beer in the other and expects me just to service him between his legs like it's g-ddamn given right!

He had nothing but a t-shirt and boxers on. Immediately I figured I may have gotten him wrong as he started off turning me around and feeling my ass. More than just a passing touch. Full feeling. Fingering thru my jeans. And some slapping. Now, I'm more than just a cocksucker - so I wasn't too put off by this....just a little confused.

Soon though - he plopped himself down in his chair (we all know those hotel chairs that I've never used except for giving head!) and he motioned me to my knees. I went right down

His boner was already poking out of his boxers. It was a nice 6" u/c dick. It was attached to a very masculine man. A little overweight - but not fat. Italian. Inked. Mostly hairless. Of course, I did what i thought was a good job. Everytime I'd look up he'd be swigging his beer and watching the Bengals game.

Now and again, he'd reach down and stroke my dick. I was rock hard and had removed my pants per his request. It was the roughest stroking I'd ever encountered. Not unwelcome - just rough. He'd also step on my dick w/his foot and my ballsack. Not just to provide pressure - but to squish them. None of this detered me from my task at hand (or mouth).

He stood up to face fuck me too, which is something I love. Then he rubbed his wet cock (his precum, my spit) all over my lower face. He loved the roughness of my stubble on his shaft. I loved that he was marking me w/his pre-ball juice. Eventually he was back in his chair and got his foot under my nuts and put his toes at my hole. We were back to this. He pushed me on my back and stroked me again - while his thumb would press firmly into my groin. He knew some nerve in there to really make hurt. I really thought he'd take over and want to fuck me - but it never came to that.

He eventually got up and went to the bed. Him on his back while I got between his legs. I moved down to his nuts and then below them. He wanted my mouth alright - just not only on his cock. So I did what was necessary and lick, lap, eat, chew and fuck his ass w/my tongue. He loved it. All the time - his head was turned toward the tv and the game. I loved that.

Soon enough I went back to his dick. Getting my tongue under his hood. Going all the way down. I kind of gently gnawed on it - using my teeth. Nothing hurtful. We've all done it at one time or another - right??

But he loved it. He mutters - 'that's it...bite it. Bite it!!" I did a few times and was immediately rewarded w/his cum. I should have known the way he was rough w/me that he would have responded in kind. And he did. A nice mouthful of italian semen.

I looked up to see him give me a wink and then turn back to the game.

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cyberi4a said...

I know this is an old post, but there is nothing to do at work today so I'm reading some of your old posts. This one was hot and I would have loved to meet up with this guy. Thanks for sharing.