Monday, September 26, 2005


Last Friday ended my almost week-long dry spell...but it doubly made up for it.

Had a married father of 2 (Martin)was looking for some head. The guy from my Empty Apartment entries (Rob) wanted a 3way. Martin seemed into we were to meet @ my place at 6:30. Martin was on time. Rob was not. After 15-20 minutes, Martin and I got down to business.

Nice 7.5" dick. Good for sucking...and I sucked it good. Martin had more on his mind than getting head. He worked my hole w/his fingers good and was sure enough of himself to bring rubbers and lube. I'm not a big rubber fan - but I understand when you're married....blah blah blah.

I take Martin upstairs and he rips open that condom w/this teeth and gets it on...and gets his dick up my hole - easing it all the way up me. He was a nice and steady rhythm guy. Though it felt good, I couldn't help feeling this is how he fucked his wife. But when he'd go all the way deep - he'd flex his dick and MAN did that feel great. About 10 minutes into my cell rings. It's Rob. I answer and he asks if the guy is still there. I said not only was he still there, but was deep up my ass!!! I told him to come over - the door was open and to come upstairs.

By the time Rob arrived, Martin and I had switched positions. Now I was sitting on his dick and riding it. Rob strips and comes close enough for me to stroke him almost to hardness. Martin's mouth gets him the rest of the way there. I notice how much more reserved Rob is w/this guy.

After 5 minutes of this, I'm back on my back...getting fucked and now eating Rob's cock. He is much more verbal w/me. I hear him tell Martin, "we got all his holes plugged!" Then they start to make out like I'm not even there. I loved it.

Martin then pulled out and asks Rob (not me) if he wants to fuck me. Rob was way into it - though he pulled on a condom too. He told me to get my ass to the edge of the bed. I was kneeling....lowered down for Rob to penetrate me from behind. Before he did - he slapped my ass a few times...HARD. I never got to see Martin's reaction to that. Rob is pushing an inch bigger than Martin and just slid in, in one full motion. Whereas Martin fucked me nice and steay - Rob DRILLED me. I like them both, but Martin, I'm sure, got an eyeful of how Rob treated me. He pounded hard and long. Full in and out strokes. Martin got in front of me and fed me his dick...and then they continued to make out again. Enjoying my holes while enjoying each other.

After another 10 minutes, Rob pulled out and I went to alternating on sucking their dicks. I was on my back, on the bed and they continued to make out over me. Rob stroked his dick while I sucked Martin. As always, Rob delieved a massive load which coated mostly the left side of my face. He slapped me HARD across the face - in his own juice - and said, 'you like that, whore??!!'. I can't imagine that Martin wasn't a little freaked by that, but it didn't stop him from pumping off his own load on the right side of my face.

It was a hot scene. Martin wants another turn at my ass...but just one-on-one. I don't think I'll ever have Rob again that doesn't involve a 3way. Both options are ok w/me.


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