Monday, October 31, 2005

Tricks (and Treat)

I will post my Las Vegas adventures shortly - this I promise.

Yesterday was such a beautiful fall day - crisp air. Mid 50s. No clouds. Sunny as all get out. Is that not a perfect day for cruising the woods at a park?? I think we all know the answer to that one, n'est pas?

The one good cruisy site borders a big field. Unfortunately, the field and parking lot were taken over by some organized football league. As hot as it may have been to suck off those strapping wannabes - the chance of getting the shit kicked out of you would be greater. I went on to spot #2.

There were a number of cars in the small lot (6 including mine), but I hiked back to the wooded area anyway. Being smart as I am - I dressed in olive pants, a medium brown sweatshirt and tan construction boots. I couldn't have been more camoflaged if I tried (oh wait - I did try!).

I passed two guys who were leaving I would have gladly taken care of. One a mid-20s white guy and the other a very well built black man in his 30-40s. Neither turned to check me out , so I guess they got theirs and were done.

It didn't take me long to spot the other guys who were out and about. Nothing that *really* caught my eye, but who am I to be too picky?

One guy for reasons I cannot give just didn't do it for me. However another guy had one nice fat piece of meat he had out and stroking. He was also a good 60 lbs overweight, but the heft of his meat was the draw. He went deeper into the woods expecting me to follow. I did. Unfortunately, so did the other guy. Drat!

He went off the trail and into a brushy area. The guy pulled out his dick again and I grabbed it. It felt SO good in my hand. On to my knees I went so I could feel it in my mouth. It felt good there too, though I have to admit, getting under his gut was a challenge. You could tell it was a powerful cock though. We heard a few twigs snap and thought it was the guy following us. However it was not. My feeder said, "don't move!" His dick still in my mouth, I stayed still. About 20 ft away, a group of maybe 20-30 hikers admiring the fall colors walked down the path. None of them saw us, but it spooked the guy and he pulled away to go deeper into the woods.

I eventually followed, but the guy I didn't like was suddenly there too. But so was another guy. Younger (mid 20s?). I knew from the second I saw him he was looking to be fed, not to feed. Though I had no interest really in feeding, I thought to set the bait, I'd let him just to see where things took us.

He was average looking and still had acne he had not grown out of. I have to say though, he had a good mouth and knew how to use it. In only a minute the power-dick guy was watching and soon the guy following us was on his knees sucking him. A few minutes after that an older gent came by and stood between the two groups. He came over to me and felt my balls vigorously. He had a nice bulge in his jeans but wouldn't take it out. A shame really.

The guy w/the fat cock said he couldn't keep it hard and was gonna move on - and did so. The other guy got off his knees and stood and watched us. I kind of signaled him away and eventually he walked away.

The kid on my cock was really going to town - and at this point I let him. I wasn't close, but figured it might be a good draw for anyone else cruising the park. Just then a guy unexpectedly came around the corner. He was as surprised to see us as I was to see him (the kid didn't see him at all). Travel coffee mug in hand, I believe him to have been a nature lover and had no idea what went on back in those woods.

It only took him a second to recover, give a grin and a thumbs up to me. He kept walking, approaching us, but going to go around us. He got close and I said he could join us. He just kept smiling and shook his head and started to walk past us. The guy looked at me and said, "looks like he's going deep." I pulled out to show him my 8" and then pushed the kid's head slowly down on my dick so the other guy could see it disappear. "Definately going deep", I said to him.

The kid pulled off my dick and said, can we at least see it. This stopped him in his tracks and he turned around and looked at me and said, "I don't think so." Then continued his walk past us.

I got a little bold, b/c this guy was hot. Late 40s. Bearded and masculine. Just the kind of guy I'd like to go down on. At this point I had nothing to lose and performing for him. "Wanna see me feed him my load?!" Again he stopped and then turned around and headed back to us. "Yeah, I want to see him take your load!".

I pulled back the cocksucker's head and said, you're gonna take it all - right? He said yes. I confirmed he'll be eating every drop. He nodded.

I let him go back to it and I kept my eye contact on the guy watching us. He really put me over the edge. I grabbed the cocksucker's head and held him deep and tight. I poured a four-day load in his throat and he gagged and coughed, but kept it and my cock in his mouth. He was aboout to pull off and I told him there was more coming. He took it too. The guy watching was duly impressed. Not sure w/me, the cocksucker or the combo.

If the observer was hard, it never showed in his pants. He winked at me, said to keep out of trouble and moved on to see the turning leaves. The cocksucker got off his knees and became everything I hate about supposedly anonymous sex.

"Can I see you again?" "Can I get your number?" "When do you come here and what kind of car do you drive so I can spot you?" Fuck that's annoying. I think I was like that at 16....but learned my lesson early. I beat a path out of there and drove away before he could even spot my car.

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