Friday, February 10, 2006

2nd Interview. 2nd Person.

A few weeks ago I played out a scenario where a guy came to my office for an interview and got it on w/me, the potential boss. It was hot. It was posted here - along w/pictures.

The 2nd round of interviews happened today. I thought it would be best to have said candidate meet with myself and another worker. Luckily the guy who works in my facility was willing - though he had no idea how close I was to setting him free forever.

Both were relatively on time. The interviewee was right on time. Work guy was 10 min late. In the meantime I told the new guy to make sure he encouraged the work guy to take all my load. I said the boss (me) was big on producitivty and he had trouble keeping up with the workload. He was into the scene to come.

No role playing for the most part after #2 showed up. I went right to work. The candidate was rock hard. Work guy needed to be worked there. I started w/the candidate. Great 6.5" dick. Severe angle upward launch position. Good for sucking - but hard to take two dicks at once in the mouth. I tried - but tough to manage, even for a guy like me. Did I say 'guy'? ...for a COCKSUCKER like me.

I went back and forth between the two - but I really had my sights set on the newer guy. While I sucked - the work guy went behind and started eating this guy's ass. He loved it. They BOTH loved it. Even I got a taste of the butt. Nice and shower fresh. was 6:45 a.m.

I then went back to get the work guy off - since interview guy wanted to see me take it. It didn't take too long and once again - a HUGE load. I took it all w/out IF. But I didn't swallow. I held it all in my mouth. I then pulled off looking right up at guy #2 and put my mouth full of sperm onto his rod. I'm sure the warmth and goo felt good. I went all the way down and then pulled off. His prick was coverd in white gold. Sperm. Thick and coated shaft was there for all to see.

Before it could drip or get onto his suit - I made sure to take care of it all and cleaned him off w/my willing mouth. Then set about getting his nutjuice. That took a bit longer. I was hoping guy #1 wouldn't get bored and leave b/c I really needed to feed him in front of this guy. But guy #1 pulled through and I got his load. Ok in size and taste.

But I stood up and told the guy it was time to take my dick. He went right to it. I turn to interviewee and say - 'he can take the entire shaft, but he's not good on taking the load.' Though he stayed on my cock - he looked up and gave me a dirty look. I replied - 'well you can't'.

It did not take me long at all, since I stroked while sucking off both guys. I warned him this time. And told him no matter what - keep swallowing.

The candiate got into too. But I had an 7-8 day load. It was big. I always shoot big. He coughed. He gagged. BUT he didn't lose it. He had it all - he swallowed it all. I told him he was a good boy and he showed signs of promise. Another dirty look shot my way.

We all straightened up. And I let them go to their respective morning places of employment. I went back to work mysef. A little lighter in the nuts.

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