Friday, February 03, 2006

Morning / Work BJs

Yeah - I met w/the work guy again today.

It'd been two weeks since I choked him on my 32 day load. Today he firmly put his hand behind me head and guided me down to my knees. A good start.

He let me blow him for a bit but then he took over. I love using my expert tongue on the bottom of a shaft and was getting no reaction from him. I mean - I always get reaction from that!!! I guess I can't say 'always' anymore.

It was at that time his hand went behind my head and he pumped my mouth. Maybe he was in a hurry. Maybe he was reacting me to choking him w/sperm. Hard to say. But the man flooded my mouth. I mean - not gagging flooded.....but I can see where had it been a bit more or a bit longer, he might have. I was determined to get a load in my mouth this week - and did.

I got off my knees not sure if he'd ever go back down on me. I didn't ask, but he went to the ground a minute later. Then the fucker pulls out a towel!!! A TOWEL! ("you know....just in case".) I probably should have stopped then. But I didn't.

I told him, "oh, it won't be as large as last time", thinking to myself it'd only been 5 days since I jacked off. I shouldn't have made him that promise. Swear to g-d.........the load was larger. But it's not like I didn't try to help him. I pulled back to give the sperm more room to fill his mouth. I told him it was coming. I even coached him w/my 'that's, it, keep swallowing." But he gagged. He spit up some cum into the towel (good thing he had THAT!. Wuss.). Then he pulled OFF my cock before I was done. HUGE drops of semen hit the floor. The cum is never gonna come out of the carpet!

I enjoy his cock and load - but now not sure how much I want this to continue. Not that I have respect for anyone who'd have sex w/me (necessarily), but man - this might hit a low. If you can't do the job - don't take on the task!

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