Thursday, February 16, 2006

3 Day Dry Spell

Yes - it's been three days since I've gotten any. Only three days you say? Well FUCK YOU. Take another glance at the title of the blog.

Though really - addicts for most things, don't always have to obtain what they are addicted to - but they spend their time thinking about it and how and when to get it. Whatever the addiction. It's amazing I can hold a fucking job.

I mean - in a four day time period, I had five different guys. I'd say it's not normal - but what is? I had a guy who reads this blog emailed me earlier in the week saying that I must have a lot of fun. Fun? FUN?! Ok, yes, eventually it is fun. But it is a LOT of work. See above: planning. plotting. scheming. scheduling. These guys just don't fall into my lap (though I gladly slide down into theirs!).

Then there is the follow-up: the blog.

It is important that you all have something to read - even if most don't comment (they are always welcome). I started it for myself (c'mon - it is a blog. we're all selfish fucks expounding our crap in hopes we get some validation (see comment on comments)).


I can't say mine is too different in theory. There are a lot of sites out there where guys relay their escapades. I'd love to be them. They always get hot married men/daddies, construction workers, cops et al. Oh - they also have read too many FirstHand stories. Law of averages would have me doing all those guys too - but I don't. And neither do they. You get the good, bad and mundane here. But at least it's real. Or my version of real. I'm no James Frey.

I could only give you the good stories - but then my sex life would sound unreal. Then there'd be no room for introspection (like now). The ones I pull from my past are the good or interesting ones. Trust me - I remember the bad ones too. But to be honest, I remember ALL of them. Yes - ALL of them. Oy.

If I don't get nailed anytime soon - you'll be seeing one of those past stories too. I have 1000s (yes - no judgments) of them. Actually, it' harder to narrow down and pull one back from memory. Maybe I'll start a 'first time' series. Some of you saw those on my Tripod site (which they shut down due to graphic content......jeeeesh). It would be in that vein.

Keep well. Keep safe. Keep healthy. And hope that I get laid soon - for YOUR enjoyment....not mine.

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