Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Dedicated. The Stupid?

I think the truly sex-driven tend to forego rational thought. Not all the time - but when chips are down, they will do things they shouldn't (too many to list), with people that they normally wouldn't (guilty) and in places and times that are not deemed appropriate. We risk it all for a momentary pleasure.

I'm a guy who can deal w/any amount of snow. Sure most people are stupid when it comes to driving in it - I just avoid those people. As years go by, I find myself having a lower tolerance for the cold. Yes, it can snow w/out being frigid out. And I"m not talking I hate the 20-30 degree weather - but below that, I cannot stand.

What do paragraphs one and two have to do w/each other? Well, yesterday and today had the high temp of 12 degrees. That's Farenheit. That's w/out windchill. But I had an itch. ....and let's face it guys...when we get an itch, it's rare we don't scratch it. .......or is this just me?

Yesterday i was lucky enough to orally satisfy two different guy (at two different times). One was from on-line. Easy in and out of his house. Nothing spectacular. The other was a guy I used to date for awhile. He was over for a late lunch and we were cleaning up - and ended up kissing in the kitchen. Both of us got extremely hard. I grabbed him and he said it felt good. I told him I could make him feel better.

I pushed him against the counter and undid his jeans. I promptly slid to my knees and pulled out his hard 8.5". He just stood there and didn't protest or anything. I love his dick. Big. Thick. And man, was it hard. And of course, I got him off - though he had very little producitivty. But I do it for the appreciation - not always for the pay-off.....exactly.

But today on-line selections were slim. It was deceptively sunny today. I figured it wouldn't be TOO bad. I was wrong. I hit a park. At first didn't seem too cold. But man - after 7-10 min, it was brutal. But I wasn't the only one out there. There is definately a group of die-hards that could put the postal service to shame.

The two guys (separate again) were nothing special. Middle amerian middle-aged dads. Both arriived in their SUVs. We all endured the frigid weather. You can't grab your basket effectively in gloves....or unbutton 501s either. So I wore none. Big mistake.

It wasn't even my nuts that would have froze off - just my fingertips. I'm sure my mouth wasn't warm enough in that weather. The feeling of it enveloping a shaft was not what it should have been. But everyone got hard. Everyone (well....not me) got off.

But being in the park makes me long for summer. Deep in those woods. Doing g-d knows what, w/g-d knows whom.

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