Saturday, February 11, 2006

Friday Afternoon

So my Friday morning session wasn't enough to quell my eternal sex-hunger. But be honest - who here reading this really tires of sex for any real amount of time? Sure there is the post-coital lull, but we're men - we build up again (and quickly).

I find a guy on-line who is needing to get off. I offer my services and say I will stop by after work. He's good w/that. I get there at the appointed time. He's good looking. Maybe late 40s, black hair, jewish (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) like me. In his front room, he has me strip completely.

He got down to a jock/thong and that was it. A nice 8" piece of meat....good sized head. I got on my knees and sucked him good. He loved me taking him to the root. I bobbed. I sucked. I used my tongue. All got good reactions.

He pulled out and turned around presenting me w/his ass. I knew what to do (shock!). I had to pull his thong strap to the side - but dove into that hole. He wasn't dirty or anything - but far from clean. In short: tasted like all man. I got deep and he loved it. He tried to pull away - and I held him there to eat more of his ass longer. He willingly let me.

After some more sucking he got me on my back and out of nowhere produced a small bottle of lube. At first I swear he just wanted to rub the cock around my hole. He wanted the lube to make it feel good. Finally I begged him to stick it in me.

He initally didn't want to claiming to have no rubber. But I told him just to stick it in for a little bit. He took little coaxing - and maybe it was just a ruse on his part to make me beg for it and to take the responsibility for taking it raw. He wins! But I won too.

He threw a nice fuck. Clearly skilled at what he was doing. Kept telling me how tight I was. I think it was more how big HE was. Either way - he ended up pumping off a HUGE load into me. The spasms - the moans - the swearing as he came, I thought it wouldn't end (not that I wanted it to).

He pulled out and threw me a towel - but I refused. I just pulled on my pants and then got ready to go. I wanted that with me. All of it.

Both of us were home and relaxed before sabbath.

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