Monday, February 13, 2006

Shake the Disease

I woke up this morning w/that Depeche Mode song in my head. Go figure.

Maybe my recent activities dictate that - not unlike how guys' dicks/balls dictate what they do. We are all primal in our actions. And let's face it - for men - sex drives us. We are all pigs on some levels.

Some can be helped, if we put our minds to it (clearly I haven't). Some can't be helped or don't want to be helped (again, back to me!).

Yesterday I ended up at a pseudo-friends house. I don't know him that much but he was on-line and we chatted. He had a need. I had a need. And luckily mine was the kind that could help his. He, I believe, is partnered.....but no one home when I got there.

Bill (his name) was there at the door as I pulled up. Purple sweat pants on only. Nothing underneath. I don't even think I said 'hi'. I got down on my knees inside the doorway and took him into my mouth. He wasn't hard - which I love feeling it grow in me. It was such that as he grew, I could deep-throat him and lick his nuts while I was all the way down there. He LOVED that. did I.

Eventually I got off my knees and sat on his staircase. Lowering my pants before I sat down. He stood in front of me and face fucked me. No hands on my head - just all hip action. His hand did go down under my shirt to my right nipple.

IF I haven't stated it before in this blog - my nipples are both 'on' switches. There is almost nothing to turn them off. Perhaps, ejaculation. He clearly took notice of my squirming when he played with them. I immediately do what I normally do when someone does that - reach down to my hole. I'm telling you - it's the easiest way to get to fuck me.

And apparently the most transparent. He saw my reaction - which made his dick harder. 7" HUGE head. Tapered shaft under the crown.

Bill told me we had to hurry - and I was in a rush too (I had a nephew's 3rd bday to get to). He led me to the living room and got me on the floor and my pants off. He leaned over my head and made me suck him more. But damn if his fingers didn't find my nips again.

I mean - we're not talking tit torture here. Playing w/them 'just so' can do a world more of damage to me than pinching them off. I'm talking the ability to get me to do most anything, most anywhere w/most anyone!

He saw my legs squirm and my hand down there too. It wasn't long before he was down there as well. Barely an acknowledgement of what he was going to do. Certainly no real approval - other than my lack of refusal.

With spit in his hand, then to his cock, I pulled my legs back exposing my hole. With precision he eased in - popping that big head into me....then just sank down with no stopping. Luckily I had a bottle of poppers w/me and pulled them out to ease the transition.

Bill was a man w/a mission. Pumping in and out of me - all the way - until he got a steady hard-driving rhythm. He told me he needed this more than I did. He had to lighten his nuts. He told me *I* had to cum first. I told him I couldn't make a mess - since I was on my way to a party. He could have cared less. He pulled up my shirt and t-shirt and told me to unload. I was rock hard and on the edge. I knew I shouldn't do it - but I did. I squirted a 2 day load all over my belly and into my pubes.

Doing this got him on the edge. He asked if I wanted it. I nodded. He doubled the question and asked - 'are you absolutely sure you want my seed?'. I said loudly - 'just fuckin' give it to me'. And he did.

He pulled out and told me I had to leave. I did by his watch - and by mine. But I sat in my car trying to clean up. Cum on stuck between my torso and tshirt...seeping into my briefs. There was no way I could NOT smell likes sperm at this party.

As much as I would have loved to keep it - I had to hit a Target on the way and but a new T. I used the old one to wipe myself up.

The bday party went well too. A good time was had by all!

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