Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My First Swallow

Since dry spell continues - I thought I'd at least do one of my First-Time Series!

Here it was. A cold late autumn day after school and I’m sitting in some married guy’s car in a metro-park. I knew exactly how I had gotten to this point – but now I wasn’t one hundred percent sure what I was doing. If I thought my first real experience was going to be a nurturing one – I had missed the mark.

I had urges from years before but no way to act upon them. Well, that’s a little lie. When I was in my early teens, I remember being dared at a sleepover with friends to suck a dick. My friend, Steven, put his mouth on mine first. It really felt so fucking great. But it was only for a minute and then it was my turn to do the same to him. Fear of being considered queer made me actually bite his dick. He was pissed. I knew what I wanted.

Then I came across and would steal these all-male magazines that had ‘stories’ in them. You know, tales of exploits that happen in certain areas: restrooms, bars, rest area and parks. I’d jack off to them, but was wise enough to know they were made-up stories. However, I did keep my eye out of these so-called places of interest.

Not far from my parent’s house, I discovered a park that had a cinderblock restroom. It had all the tell-tale signs that guys in need stopped there. A lot of very descriptive drawings and announcements were written on the walls. Past the bathrooms were woods and trails that went to who knows where.

I clearly didn’t know what good time to go or what I would do if I ran into anyone. It was hit or miss – and I kept missing. There was a gravel parking lot with a turnaround. If no one was there, I kept going.

But then here it was – that cold late autumn day. I should have been home from school, but I stopped. There were two other parked cars the lot…sitting…waiting. One guy got out and went into the restroom. It seemed like an eternity, but he didn’t return. Eventually I got brave and followed. I’m sure he could hear the gravel underneath my feet, so it was no surprise when I entered. And there he was at the urinal. The place smelled like autumn and stale piss. His dick was out and hard. He looked at his 6” erection, then to me and gestured with his head for me to go to it.

I was scared to death, but found myself drawing closer. I leaned down and put the head in my mouth just as I had wanted to do for as long as I could remember. He sighed but almost immediately we heard a car on the gravel. He pulled out of my mouth, zipped up and bolted out of there. I immediately heard a car start and speed out of the lot. Gathering myself up, I headed out. But there wasn’t a new car in the lot – just the other car which had moved closer to where I parked my bike.

As I approached the cars, the man inside rolled down his window. I would guess he was in his early to mid 40s with brown hair and beard. Very masculine looking with a strong jaw. He was dressed in a suit. “How’s it going today”, he asked. I told him fine. I noticed his hand dropped from the steering wheel into his lap. I could not see what he was doing, but made a pretty good guess. He continued making niceties as I stood outside his driver door, like asking me what I was doing. I answered too fast by saying, “I was just on my way home from school….” when I caught myself. He caught it too. An eyebrow went up. I looked old for my age – but I wasn’t passing for being in college. His hand never came back to the steering wheel.

Soon the conversation changed to the weather and how cold it had become. He said, “Come on in and have a seat and keep warm.” I accepted his offer. He introduced himself though I was too nervous to retain whatever he told me. The conversation immediately went back to school and where exactly did I go. I avoided the question – but I could now clearly see his hand resting on his crotch as he gave it a squeeze. It was at that point I noticed the wedding ring. My mind was racing – the stories I read never mentioned married men.

I’m sure I stared longer than I thought and he picked up on that. I was brought back to reality when I heard him ask, “You wanna see it?” I looked up to see he had one raised eyebrow, looking self-assured and a little smug. I just nodded my head. One hand gripped his belt while the other deliberately went to the tab and slowly but steadily pulled down the zipper of his suit pants. He reached in w/his left hand (the married hand!) and fished out a semi-hard cock. “Is this what you were looking for in there?” as he gestured toward the cinderblock outhouse. Before I even nodded, he already started talking. “You guys weren’t in there very long. You couldn’t have done much with that guy – or you made him shoot real fuckin’ fast.” He clearly assumed that I was going there to make the other guy shoot and not the other way around. I eked out that I didn’t get him to shoot at all. “Too fuckin’ bad for him” I heard him mutter barely below his breath.

He just looked at me while slowly moving his fist up and down his hardening shaft. “Go ahead bud, grab it…..you want to, don’t you?” I looked at him and he was looking at me right in the eye. I just sat there and he took my hand pulling it towards his tool. “C’mon, it’ll feel good for both of us.” By then my hand was around his shaft. His fat shaft. Except for the guy in the john, I had never seen a grown man’s cock before. And it was growing. It wasn’t long after my fist was around him that he was fully erect - about 7”, but thick with a fairly fat head that was beginning to ooze. He put his right index finger in the precum and brought it to my lips and traced them. “You like that.” It was not a question. Instinctively my tongue went to my lips. My first taste of another man’s precum.

“God, I’d love to feel your mouth on my dick. I bet it would feel incredible.” He was baiting me – but not begging me. I wasn’t familiar with my surroundings so I hemmed and hawed and said, “Oh, I don’t know. What if somebody comes?” The older man replied, “Don’t worry about it kid, I’ll keep an eye out.”

He said ‘kid’. It hit me kind of strange. In some ways I was a kid (I always felt older than my 15 years also)…and he was all fuckin’ man. But now I was aware we both knew the age difference. “Do it.” He was almost demanding. “I want your lips on my cock, kid”. I leaned over as if I was going to take it, but picked my head up slightly and looked around, fearful someone would catch us. He urged me to go down on him ensuring that he’d keep watch.

His left hand kept his rigid dick in place waiting for my mouth and I lowered myself to it. The warm head passed through my lips and about an inch of shaft followed. “Cocksucker!” he hissed. It was meant as derogatory as it sounded.

Being new to this, I was trying to get a hold of all my senses that were currently on overload. The taste and smell of his prick and all the while feeling how it felt and fit into my mouth. I must have been taking too long to figure it all out because the felt his hand grip the back of my neck and begin applying pressure. “Take it kid. Let me feel that fuckin’ mouth of yours” as he pushed down and slightly lifted his hips at the same time. He pushed that fat cock in my inexperienced mouth too fast and I gagged and coughed. “What’s the matter guy, you never suck cock before?” he asked, not really expecting me to shake my head ‘no’ while still on his prong. “Really!?” he asked with a verbal sneer, “then you are gonna love this.”

His grip relaxed slightly and he was talking me through servicing his cock. Telling me how to take it. He clearly told me his likes and dislikes if what I was doing didn’t please him. He liked it deep, but when it’s your first time seven inches may as well be a foot. His thickness didn’t help matters with a novice like me. His hand was guiding my head up and down while he watched my progress and his member disappear. I was about two-thirds of the way down on it when he just said calmly, “keep your fuckin’ head down and don’t move…we have company.” He had been so intent on using my mouth he hadn’t been paying attention to anyone who might be approaching. His hand never left the back of my head – and knowing I couldn’t pop up in the seat gave him leverage in getting what he wanted. He pushed me down deeper on his dick. “That’s it faggot…keep going. Take it ALL”, he said through gritted teeth. My lips were at his zipper teeth. He was all the way where he wanted to be. But the way he called me ‘faggot’ stung. Us guys in school considered un-masculine boys to be fags. Even though I was sucking a stranger’s dick it never occurred to me that someone would think I was a faggot.

He kept pushing me down on his cock and I’d come up a bit to try to get some air and we’d repeat the process. Inadvertently, he was teaching me to bob on his dick the way he wanted. I was still worried about being found out, but eventually he said, “I’ve seen that guy around, we’re cool.” My man’s dick never lost its stiffness. He was clearly a man with a mission. He became more aggressive – physically and verbally. He took my head in both hands and guided me up and down his shaft. I couldn’t swallow all my spit and it was coating his dick – though I wasn’t aware that it was aiding me in performing my oral duty. He had no issue egging me on, “That’s it, suck my fuckin’ prick…make me feel good!”

Though I had not performed a real blowjob before, I had jacked-off hundreds of times. I knew some of the signs of a guy getting close to shooting. I presumed from this guy’s labored breathing, his string of obscenities at me, that he must nearing the end, I just had no idea how close he might be.

I was having conflicting thoughts of what I should do when he was ready to cum. Though I had been thinking about giving head for a long time, I had never even tasted my own sperm. I had no idea what to expect and immediately began to doubt that this was something I wanted to do at this moment.

Right then he announced, “MOTHERFUCK – I am going to get my nut!” I had never heard that phrase before, but I knew what was going on. In an instant I decided this was not what I wanted – at least now. I tried to pull of his dick, but he’d have none of it. He put his hand behind my head and pushed down hard. I could feel his wedding ring in my scalp. “Oh no you don’t! You had better not make a fuckin’ mess of my suit or my car!”

His dick was jammed in my mouth, but not quite at my throat. I was gagging on the thickness of his shaft. Tears were welling in my eyes – the kind you get from a choking sensation. And then it happened. A huge spurt hit the back of my mouth. That was followed by an “OH YEAHHHHH” from the guy delivering it, followed by almost indistinguishable moans, groans and expletives. The semen was warm and thick and it just seemed to keep coming. At first there were a few heavy jets, then it just seemed to flood my entire mouth. What I did know was that it was unlike anything I had ever tasted. I don’t know how anyone could compare it to anything else they’ve ever eaten. I did want to gag, but mostly from the volume not necessarily the taste.

I remembered his words about not making a mess but most of his cum resided in my mouth and I didn’t know what to do with it. Once he regained some of his composure, he must have realized it too. He never let up on the holding of my head. He leaned forward a bit, close to my ear and growled, ‘do what you’re good for and swallow every drop’. And he held me tightly for a length of time where he knew I’d have no choice but to take it down my throat.

When he was sufficiently certain I had taken it all, he took his hand off my head letting me up and pulled out a tissue to clean himself off. He stuffed his deflating dick back in his suit and zipped up, and threw the tissue out his window. I sat there a bit stunned not sure what usually happens next. I shouldn’t have worried since he had taken charge the entire time anyway. He leaned over me and opened my door for me.

“I needed that so fuckin’ badly – but it’s time for you go to home." And then he gave me a shove out the door and he drove off before I even got to my bike.

I was completely conflicted about what just had gone on. He seemed to want me, but didn’t even touch or thank me. Hell, I never even touched my dick, let alone took it out.
It slowly sunk into me that he had used me for his own purposes. Maybe I was wrong to think it would be a more mutual. The ‘stories’ I had read always had nice wrapped up endings. I on the other hand, was feeling dirty, cheap and completely used.

I returned to the park in a week.


Spill The Beans said...

Pretty interesting reading that...probably the first time I've ever thought about a man truly understanding what it's like.

Have to admit, it even turned me on a little bit. ;)

GreekInGermany said...


I am reading your blog for some months now. Its really great and your stories are hot. Its good, that u started with Firts-Times. Please keep on.

(sorry for my bad english)