Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Now Here I Go Again.......

Dreams. Such a weird thing.

Overall, I do not have sexual dream. Once in awhile - but it's not the norm. I do however have either really weird dreams (which I try to write down as soon as I wake) or ones that are so realistic that I can't differentiate if I'm in r.e.m. or my waking life.

Last night was the latter. Somehow my mother found out about this blog.....and read it in detail. Oy.

I mean - my best friends don't even know about this blog (well.........that I know of). And in the dream, my mother was so nice about the entire thing. That certainly wasn't the case when she found my shoplifted Honchos, Blueboys and Playgirls back in the early 80s.

Nothing much came of the dream. Just the realization that my blog is out there really for anyone to see. It's me. I can't really be ashamed of that. Well, of course I can.....but I"m not.

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