Tuesday, February 14, 2006

3 Way

In general I have a rule not to do 3-ways with couples. One is always attracted to me more than the other or vice versa - and the other always has hard feelings (and rightfully so). So I thought a 3-way w/a non-couple would be an ok thing to do.

It was the lawyer (we'll call him Chris) from previous posts and a realtor I know (let's call him Jim). Problem is - I've known him (biblically) for about 8 yrs. Though we are not a couple by any means - the connection we have is deep and one would think only sexual.

Jim is in a fashion professional in his sex talk. Maybe even clinical. You don't 'fuck' - you 'penetrate'. You don't shoot a load - you ejaculate. It's a very nice penis - not a hot cock. The more you can make sex sound like a business transaction w/him, the better. I can play that game. Easily.

Chris is young and to the point. The 'i'm gonna throw you against the wall and breed your fuckin' ass' kind of guy. I can play that game too. Easily.

Now I think I know Jim sexually and this gives me the advantage. I was wrong.

Almost like a lightswitch, he became a Jim I didn't know. As clinical as he can be, there was an air of coldness added to it. I was instructed by Jim to make 'our host' feel good. On the cement floor I went to my knees. I gnawed a bit through the tight jeans feeling his manhood stiffen even more. I unbuttoned his jeans and took out his cock and did what I thought was a great suck-job.

When I suck, I'm all over the dick. To me - it's not all about deep throating. There is an art to it. The lips. The mouth. The throat. The tongue. I use them all separately and in various combinations. Jim saw flesh and said - "I can see too much of his penis" and promptly pushed me all the way down and held me in his pubes. I tried to work my tongue alone, but each time I tried to come off - I got shoved right back down.

Jim was content to watch for a bit - but the host offered my services to Jim, which he accepted. I wasn't really part of the conversation. I'd become a commodity. A service. (ok....i've always probably been that - but to guys I don't know. truly no strings encounters. anonymous. this was not that.)

Jim has a much bigger dick. Bigger than mine. More than 8" and fatter. The man can actually orgasm multiple times w/out every actually ejaculating. I know all his pressure points to do this. To be honest - my lips never really need to touch his cock to bring him pleasure. But trust me - my lips DO make contact w/his flesh!

While I was sucking they stopped talking (which was so low I could never really hear them anyway). I peer up to see them making out. Really making out. Very into each other.
About a half-hour of rubbing and sucking went on. The cement floors on my knees were hell - but whatta gonna do?

I was told to suck/lick a certain place under Chris' nuts (I guess you'd call it the taint). While doing this I also sucked and licked his nuts. Many guys love their nuts sucked a bit. Chris did not. I was scolded for hurting them. Then told to stand and open/drop my pants. My testicles were tugged, slapped, and flicked. Jim made a point of seeing how hard he could do it before I'd wince. Personally, I think he was impressed how long I went w/no expression at all. Just a day in the life for BikeGuy.

Again w/the low talking - about what they wanted. Though I didn't hear - I just stood waiting for my next direction. They chose to make out - hot and heavy. I admit, I felt left out. Never had I made out w/Jim. Only once had I w/Chris - to which later he said he'd never do that again, as that was not what I was good for to him. I fought the thought just to leave. On some level I hate to say I was jealous or envious. But on another level, I knew they were doing to TO get to me. A form or torture. I stayed standing. Flaccid. Waiting.

Eventually, they pulled apart for more discussion. The plot points were where in the loft to fuck me. They agreed upon me leaning over the kitchen counter. I went over and bent over. Head on the counter, like Chris wanted. I assumed no words from me - which was difficult for one reason: he kept telling me to open up, but that wasn't the issue. He was about 1" off his target.

Instead of saying anything - which wasn't wanted - I maneuvered myself so he could hit paydirt. And he did. He found the hole and pushed in. I made it so he could sink in deeper by pushing back a bit. Jim was right at his side watching the penetration. He loved it. I could hear it in the tone of his voice. Their talking stopped and I knew they were once again back at kissing. Fucking and kissing. Getting off on each other - but using me as the conduit. The receptacle.

The low encouragement that Jim gave Chris worked to everyone's advantage. The fuck was the best Chris had ever done. Jim certainly enjoyed it. Though in their eyes they could care less if I did like it - I fuckin loved it. Chris went on for 35-40 minutes. He's never lasted that long. Not nearly. He was putting on a show for Jim - and rightfully so.

At one point, Jim came around. Though the counter was high, he's tall enough and dick is long enough to be able to feed me. As always, he tasted great. But that didn't last long. He rejoined his new buddy at his side. This I could hear - Jim to Chris: "just do what you need to do. don't worry - just do what is necessary."

I knew what that meant. Jim had no idea if I wanted the load - but that was out of my hands. The entire evening was. Through their muffled kiss - I could hear Chris achieve his orgasm. It was, however, the first time I didn't really feel his ejaculation. But I knew it was there.

After a minute, he slid out of me - my head still on the counter. Jim walks to my side - no facial expression whatsoever. "Get down on your knees NOW." I complied. He said something to Chris, which he agreed. I'll assume it was - should I do it now?, since after the response of 'yes' my open mouth received a huge load of cum. The biggest in our history that I've ever gotten from him.

Normally, Chris would kick my ass out of the loft immediately after. But there was an awkward (mostly for Chris and myself) phase while Jim got himself together. Jim left to use the restroom. I complimented Chris on his fuck saying it was the best one yet. His response was perfect for him - and one he never really exhibited in front of Jim: "the best one I gave you, maybe."

A long kiss goodbye for the newfound friends. Me w/my hands in my pockets. The second the door closed, old Jim was right there. The lightswitch had been flipped back.

We all do it. The lightswitch, that is. Some to greater degrees than others. My ability to go into both their separate worlds (or any guy's) would be mine. Jim was amazed at how affectionate that Chris was. Chris isn't that way w/me - so there's his switch. With mixed reservations - I told Jim I was amazed how he immediately made me a non-entity in that process. He grinned knowingly. He knows the switch too. Nothing else was said.

We adapt. We have to. Or we don't get what we want.

Ultimately, I got what I wanted. I got used. I got watched being used. I got the fuckin loads!

And most likely - I'll get another shot at that 3-way. I'll just have to adapt.


Anonymous said...

Morning, I just read the 3 way story. I found it sad. Even though you go what you wanted, so you say, I think that role playing can be achieved with someone getting emotionally hurt. And I am sorry, but it is evident in your writing that you were hurt on a level. Usually I would end that you are a better man than me in this instant but I am not sure if that applies here.. ;) I do not like how they left you out when it was you who bought them together.. this will be one story that I would not re-read.

William Myers said...

Both of them are jerks & situationally cruel. A sad story. You were the gentleman. I'd cross them off my list, if I were you.