Friday, September 14, 2007

14 days

A few have inquired to my load release status after yesterday's post.

You will be happy to know (or perhaps not), that I did dump my nut. It was gratifying and yet in some ways it was not.

I had answered a craigslist ad from a guy who was staying at a hotel not far from where I work. The smaller pictures he posted didn't tell me a lot about him, though the description was ok...and what I could see in the pics looked more than adequate.

I arrived at the hotel with no issues other than the elevators are key card controlled. Is this a new trend of which I am unaware? Great for security - bad for anonymous hook-ups.

The door was ajar when I walked up and I just pushed it open. I got a twinge of regret when the room was black as pitch. I wasn't nervous for my safety - but for the dread of the guy who is hiding something in the cloak of darkness.

Normally your eyes adjust to such blackness - mine never did. Though maybe I didn't want them too.

His mouth was good, but in my mind I had already talked myself into fucking him. I was positioning myself when he produced a condom for me to put on. Damn!

This is not what I wanted. I thought and pondered how to work around this. And damn if that fucker didn't constantly reach around to feel for the fuckin latex upon shaft. I guess I could have said - 'this isn't what I signed up for or wanted', and then walked out - but keep in mind: 14 days!

I was hard. I was lubed up (over and under the rubber) and I was ready to fuck. And let's face it - this isn't my gig and it was right then something I really really wanted.

Maybe I'm patting myself on the back, but I did a great job. I fucked his ass for almost 30 minutes. I had him bent over the hotel table because, if I did adjust to the light, I wasn't sure I actually wanted to see who or what I was fucking. His legs were strong. His ass firm - though not tight tight....if you know what I mean.

But I pounded butt. I slammed his ass. Then I took my time. He begged me to give him my babies. I grabbed the back of his neck and told him to not dare ask for things he wasn't able or willing to provide - and then proceeded to push his head to the table with force.

After 20-25 minutes I started to think I needed to wrap it up. I considered pulling out and cumming on him. He indicated he would take it in his mouth. I asked if he would swallow it. He restated, "I'll take it in my mouth". Fuck that. As much as I hate using and having rubbers on me - spitting out of seed is by far a greater offense. I deemed that I would finish in his ass - even if it was to dump my load in a baggie.

The guy kept asking how he felt. I kept telling him to shut the fuck up. I love to talk during sex - especially dirty talk, but I was in no mood to have discussions with him. I also didn't need him distracting me from the task at hand. It was hard enough to concentrate on the lack and loss of feeling that a millimeter or two of latex has.

After some time I was able to ejaculate. I was doing it all for me and nothing for him. I don't care if he knew I was coming or if he could feel it. I made no announcement to him. I just came.

To a degree he must have sensed it because he started to use his ass muscle to milk me. But I pull out. I wanted to go. I was standing there with my pants around my ankles too long.

I pulled up my pants and made my way to the bathroom. He made no attempt to leave his space. I pulled off the overly filled rubber - looking at it and somewhat proud of myself for how much of it I filled up. Then I laid it right on the bathroom counter - leaving it for him.

I washed my dick. I washed my hands. I put myself together and walked out of the bathroom and his room with out a word. He didn't deserve a 'thank you'......but he should have been fuckin' thanking me!


Mike said...

Bro, seriously hot post! Definitely a good read, adding a link to you in my blog


Sir said...

Mate, you and I would get on like a house-on-fire! Fkn WOOF...luv your filthy mouth and mind. I totally agree - pussyboy didn't deserve your load in his mouth if he couldn't be man enough to swallow.

Had a similar experience this w/end tho pissed up a dude's ass after dumpin a massive load in him...then kicked his ass out w/out so much as a shower...tho he DID thank me...profusely! Good stuff! Cheers mate!!!