Thursday, September 27, 2007

Houston Visit - pt 1

After I finished my work gig in the Oil city, I got back to my hotel room and promptly placed an ad on craigslist. It garnered me some results, bu not as many as I would have thunk in a city that size. One of the guys you've read about already - in pt. 2

There were a few others, but the one that piqued my curiosity was this guy:

I'm a very handsome Bi Athletic Black Professional (white collar exec); 32yo, 5ft10in, 175lbs muscular, 8.5inches cut and clean, DDF and non-smoker. Very masculine, safe, sane and discrete.

I responded and he walked over from his office, taking a late afternoon sex break, it seemed.
He neglected to say 'married', but who am I to judge. The wedding ring was the first thing I noticed about him - but that's true of just about any man.

By the time we got back to my room, I could tell he was erect. He went to undo his belt and I stopped him, telling him I would take care of it. Immediately I went to my knees and unbuckled and unzipped him. His cock fell out with almost a thud.

Not to be stereotypical, but the man was hung like what you'd think of a black man. Yes, he was a true 8.5", but he never mentioned how thick the meat was either. Trust me, I'm not complaining.

I went down on him immediately - though I had to stretch my mouth pretty wide to get down to his wiry pubes. I love the way my spit looks on a black dick. It shows me where I've been and what I still have to accomplish or how successful I've done in taking every fat fucking inch.

At one point I pulled out my camera and took a pic of his beautiful meat that curved ever so slightly downward.


As I went back to him, using my tongue on the underside and my lips on the outside, I heard him mutter very very low, "man - I wanna fuck you".

I love that in a guy. The one who barely throws it out there seeing what response he'll get. One if rejected can write the comment off to 'heat of the moment', but really hoping the guy putting out will take him up on his offer. I'm just the guy to say 'yes'.

He was on his back and I hovered over him and his erect dick. Before long, I was on my back and he was nudging his way in. And even though he was seemingly concerned about his size and my tightness - he was more concerned about getting all the way in me. He was like a guy. A real guy. The kind who only cared about getting his nut.

He did stretch my hole good as he kept pumping into me. And out of me. And of course, into me again and again. Until he stopped. Oh yeah - so much for 'safe'!

Keith was a silent cummer. Not a word or sound escaped his full lips. Not even a rolling back of his eyes. He never made a sex face - but he got what he came for. I got what he came for.

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Joshua said...

I loved this scene man. You are such a slut to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. I admire that in you.