Saturday, September 08, 2007

DC Head

My last morning in DC I realized that for all the fucks I took, I still hadn't gotten off. When I thought about it more, I realized I had not dumped a load since that 'kid' sucked me off in a bathroom close to my office - two weeks earlier.

I thought it was ok for me to give something back to the community: an 8" dick and 14-15 days worth of sperm. What can I say? I'm generous that way.

Again, due to timing and availability, there weren't many takers and fewer I wanted to see suck me. It really came down to one. He could make it 15 minutes after I was to be on the Metro, and I told him 'no deal - sorry'. He rearranged his schedule and arrived at the time I needed him....not what was necessarily convenient for him. I know from this behaviour, since I subscribe to it.

Once again, I left the door ajar and he walked right in without knocking. The guy was a pro. Not only professionally dressed, but clearly an experienced cocksucker. He loved it - my dick that is. What's not to love? I do not think I'm being egotistical to say that I have a great dick. I've seen thousands of them - in person and more on-line and in magazines. G-d provided me a great dick. I don't take credit for it or anything. It's not like I work out to make it bigger - it's just there.

He took me to the pubes and I loved that. I like it deep and not as much playing around with the head. I stood right at my 4th floor hotel window for anyone walking by and looking up to see a partial show. If they had half a brain, they could have figured out what was going on. I hope so. As you know, I'm ok with being watched.

All too soon (though, really I had to get moving) I was ready to unload. As I normally do, I told the cocksucker to stop moving and start swallowing - even before I shoot. I know the volume of my loads...and I didn't need him gagging back jizz onto my dress pants.

Unlike other cocksuckers - he really did listen to the instruction. He got every fuckin drop out of me and I was happy to have him do it. Like a good boy - he made a hasty retreat out of the room and I finished packing and checked-out of the hotel so I could get on with my busy work day.

As I expected, he has left me several emails hoping he'll be of service to me next time I'm in town.

Time will tell.

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