Thursday, September 13, 2007

What to Do? What to Do?

I've had sex on the brain for days now.

Shocked - aren't you?

Seriously though - it seems worse than usual. I am having major difficulty focusing at work or anything else just knowing it's been a while since I've gotten someone off (other than guys reading this and pounding their pud) and 14 days since I've dumped a load.

I get erect at the slightest thought or breeze. My balls are so incredibly heavy. That doesn't even cover my twitching hole or empty mouth.

I love traveling for work because it seems so much easier to get laid. There is something appealing about guys hooking up with out of towners. Hotel sex is hot. Knowing that the guy is leaving (even if the guy is me) is a good scenario. It's not full-proof anonymous any more (thank you internets!), but it can be close.

Guys who answer my ads have to be as glad as (if not more so) for the no-strings encounters. Hell, that is why they answer them - no? Even the really good guys, the hot guys, the great fucks - normally I have no burning desire to see again. Some of them - sure.

So here I sit. Balls full. Dick at half-mast. Emailing a guy who is in town at a hotel not far from where I work....who wants it up the ass. You know I'm not normally a fuckER, but today, if he's available and somewhat decent....I might make the exception.


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Donnie v2.0 said...

I hope you fucked him! Nice site by the way. Very hot.