Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tag Team

The sex g-ds were with me during part of my trip to DC. In a matter of minutes I get a call from a guy I hooked up with on one of my initial trips to DC, and then a text message from a friend he had kind of / sort of pimped me out too. Neither of them were aware the other had contacted me.

Both "Paul" and "Steve" showed up within minutes of each other. After the ceremonial undressing of ourselves we just got down to play time. Up first: me on my knees going back and forth between their two cocks. Naturally I attempted a dual suck too. That proved difficult due to the fact that they both have big thick dicks. Of course, I gave it the old college try. While I was down there, they decided to make out. They'd been fuck buds for awhile, so that was more natural to them. I can get into kissing, but it's not my mainstay when I'm hooking up.

Eventually they took their turns on their knees as well - everyone sharing everyone else's dick. I did snap a picture of all of our pricks. Notice even though I can grow to a full 8+", Steve (right) and Paul (left) have bigger dicks than yours truly. I am not complaining.

But this wasn't really about sucking dick. It never is with these two. After I initially got pimped out to Steve, I think he has fucked me almost every time I hit the city - and he's happy to do it. As am I.

Soon Paul asked Steve if he was ready to fuck me. I think we all know the answer here.

With poppers in hand and Gun Oil on his cock, Steve eased his big dick into me. He was deliberate and took his time. I appreciated that - as you can see the thickness of his shaft. Granted, I could take it all, but he is a thoughtful fucker.

As always with Steve, he varied the speed, thrust and positioning of his dick into my ass. He mixes it up for him as much as myself - probably more for him. Both men always tell me I'm tight - which might be hard for some of you to believe (yes, I can be slutty), but again, look at the girth of their shafts. I'm guessing most guys are tight to a thickness like theirs.

After about 15 minutes, Steve and Paul switched places. As Paul penetrated me, he made sure to remind me about the first time he fucked me. How I had thought I was only going to suck his dick and how he got up all the way in me, fucked me an unloaded in me.

I so wanted him to cream my ass and have Steve slide into the load left in there. But Paul was not ready to dump his nut yet and Steve wanted back in. Once again, their places changed and Steve was pressing his pubes against my ass.
Everyone knew after a few minutes back in my hole that Steve wasn't going to last long. To his credit, he tried. As he was getting closer and showing the signs - Paul moved closer to my head and guided his penis to my lips.

Knowing exactly what to do, I turned slightly and opened my mouth. As Steve began to groan and pump a load up my ass, Paul started to squirt his jizz into my mouth and onto my goatee.

Steve buried deep, making sure it was all in there. Paul just looked down and smiled at his own handiwork.

...and like the forgotten slut, the two just left me there to go and shower together. I was not invited....I was not expected to join.

I knew my place - and so did they.

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