Sunday, September 23, 2007

Houston Visit - pt 2

I made the most of my time while I was in Houston for business. Wrapped-up work as early as I could and got to my hotel. I had already begged off dinner with associates. My plan was to eat and play in my room. I'd forgo food if I got a good response to my ad(s).

And I did get a decent response - but the timing was such that I actually did get non-liquid nourishment.

For this guy (notice this series of stories will be a little out of order) was a downtown, married business worker. His office was near my hotel but kept putting me off due to unexpected 'meetings'. I had completely written him off after he failed to call or show.

Hours later he called and was downstairs waiting. By this time I had spoken to so many guys I didn't know who he was - though he was arrogant enough to think I should and that he was the ONLY one. Dickish? Kind of. Hot attitude with that? Definitely.

Again it was one of those hotels with the key card activated elevators. WHY do I keep getting these? Again, it means having to go down and retrieve the guy. I'm not looking for greeting them or awkward conversation on a 5 story ride and a walk down the hall. I want them to push the door open and unzip.

At least this guy was palming his crotch the entire elevator ride and walk to room 505.

When in the door he had me strip. He verbally stopped me from touching him as he took off his clothes, because he did not command it. But then he demeaned me for not being on my knees and taking his exposed cock - though he never gave me permission. As frustrating as that can be for a a guy, for a true cocksucker it can be a great thing: the mixed messages, the double edged sword, the verbal berating. Some of us thrive on that shit.

But I did take him in my mouth. And I took him to the root.


It was a more than decent sized dick. I thought about how he must give it to his wife as I looked up, my mouth full of cock, and seeing his gold wedding band.

But before long he was on the bed wanting me to lick his nuts. I made the mistake of sucking them and felt his hand slap my head. For all his tough-act, his nuts were ultra sensitive. Ok - I get it.

And when I lick the ball, what can I say, I'm always thinking of licking further south. He liked when I lapped at his 'taint and I knew I was going to make the attempt of even lower regions. I kind of worried about his reaction, but maybe I shouldn't have. He loved it.

Clearly I was not the first guy (or girl) to put tongue to hole on him. He instructed me how he licked it - how far to go in, how often to lick, etc. When he asked if I liked it, and I replied in the affirmative - actually saying 'I loved it' (and I do like eating ass), he laughed and called me a 'disgusting faggot'.

But what I was doing must have been getting to him. I don't think it was 30 seconds after taking him back to the root before he said he was going to drown me in his cum.

I'm sure it's a nice thought on his prowess, but he underestimated my abilities to swallow every drop he shot in my mouth.....which I made sure to show him before I gulped it down. He made sure I squeezed out what little drops were still in the head - and I took those too.

As he was dressing, he asked how many others I had for the night. I lied and told him he was the only one and the only one I wanted. It makes guys like that feel good - and somewhere deep down, they like and want to believe it to be true.

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