Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Suck Off

The title of this post might lead you to believe that 'another' means boring and redundancy, but that's not what I meant to project.

Granted, I do like to have it mixed up a bit, but a sex addict will mostly take what he can get - within reason. Even WE have standards. They might not be yours - but like an alcoholic or narcotic addict, it's not the score that is always necessary - it's the ever-wanting to score. Even folks who don't drink or use anymore are still considered addicts. They've just altered the behavior.

I had this guy answer a CL ad: 39, 5'11", br, bl, go't, 160 . Decent enough from the description, so I invited him over.

He presented well in person - as he didn't share a pic, you just never know. Not really. But he had a good attitude - or at least the right one. But he also had a, what I'm calling, a reverse Michael Jackson thing going on. Part of his skin were turning brown....or black. Areas way to big to be just moles. And they were in all different areas besides his face. ....this includes his penis.

I rubbed him and played with it just to make sure there wasn't any scabbing or issues going on there, but it seemed to be just a skin condition. I didn't ask. He didn't offer. But he clearly wanted to get sucked, though his dick did grow to a nice 7.5". I would have gladly rolled over for him.

But it was not meant to be. As seems to be the case lately, it hasn't been just one position. I was on my knees, then in a chair, then at the side of the bed. The guy had a huge load - and trust me, I'm not complaining on that one either.


As you can see I kept it in my mouth before I swallowed. Don't focus on the stuff he trailed out (on purpose) to my lips and goatee. No - look further in, center back of my tongue. Yes, there you'll see a nice thick deposit of seed.

It tasted good too. The picture isn't the most flattering angle, but you do what you can in the moment.

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