Saturday, November 15, 2008

3 (Very) Short Stories

Before I get into my two hottest encounters of the last week, I am going to lump three more in for you. Ok enough to blog about (two of them at least) – not great enough to be deserving of their own separate entries.

One guy worked at a "hometown paper", and was in a rush as it was election day. I had blown him before, but I can't find I ever blogged about him. He was ok - and ok looking. Married, 6" dick. While I liked blowing him - he wanted me to lick his ass (I did) and then fuck me (I let him).

He was good about the fuck - and his wife would be a fool not to like his technique - although he was quick about it. Maybe it was his deadline, maybe it was because he was on the clock or maybe it was because he was with a guy and just wanted to dump a load. I don't know. He was gone pretty quick.

The next guy was better. Hotter. The whole nine yards. Early 40s, 6', 180. Good body, but you can tell it was better when he was in the military. He had a certain air about him that let you know he was. When you saw his ink - it was confirmed, as I don't think too many civilians had Marine tattoos on their body.

Here is his dick:
He insisted on wearing a rubber and you know how I feel about that. I respected his wishes and he respected mine. We went for oral only. Not that he didn't push the issue - by standing next to the bed while he fed me. "Les" coated his thumb, index and middle finger with his saliva. He then reached down and played with my hole.

Damn it felt good and he sure knew what he was doing - and he should have. While he did this, he told me how many guys he fucked in the military and that he started fucking his father's best friend while he was 14!!!

You have to admire a guy who knows what he wants and knows how to get it - especially at that age. Next time, I might just have to let him bone me - rubber and all.

The third tale came from this guy: 28 muscled jock. Would love to get off in that ass. The picture was flawless. I should have probably been skeptical - it was too hot.

The guy was ok looking at best - and if he was 28, I am 65. For the most part, I'm not into boys - and he had to be 21 at best. His dick was fair and his technique - the one of a newbie.

The fuck was jack-rabbity and unsatisfying - at least for me. At the last minute, he pulled out of my ass and dumped his load on my ass (see below)


So much for loving 'to get off in my ass'. He won't ever be getting an invite back. Wasn't my scene or feeling like I had sex with a 'man'.

My still have other good stories to relate from this last trip. Overall, I got 14 loads in 3 days. Not chopped liver.

The best stories yet to cum.........


Anonymous said...

hey please see that military guy agian and ask him to write stories about his life, dang that hot, him fuckin his dad friend at 14 that hot

cb said...

too bad that load ended up ON that ass