Monday, November 24, 2008

1 Morning. 2 Fucks.

Sex on the road is all about the connections and timing. I can’t tell you how many crowded cities I’ve been in with no opportunity to actually hook-up.

I love “doing” the new guys – the different cocks, the different methods they have and use. But there is something nice about repeats. As you’ve seen in a few of my most recent posts, I have my share of guys who return for services I provide – free of charge, of course! Remember: I’m a slut – not a whore.

On my final day of my last trip, I had back to back visits. Both repeats.

#1. The black guy from a few posts back contacted me asking for a return visit. The guy had a nice body and an incredible cock. I would kind of be a fool to not want to attempt that again.

The first time, he was like Clark Kent – only in the fact that he really looked different when he took off his glasses. He looked more masculine – presented differently.

The second time – not so much. For some reason he had more effeminate qualities this time. That being said, he still had an incredible schlong. 8"-8.5” of solid dark brown, uncut meat. Lots and lots of overhang. I guess it’s one of those things with a nice uncut prick – you always want what you don’t have.

Maybe that’s not true. I have a nice big piece of meat – and I still want that from other guys. Scratch the above statement.

He stripped down as soon as he got in the room. I told him I had to have a pic of that dick and he allowed it. But I didn't waste the shot - I made sure to get some of me in there too. Nothing like the contrast of light and dark.


But for his after fuck trepidations of the last time and 'never ever' fucking raw, he didn't pack a rubber with him, nor did he ask if I had one. He had me get him sloppy wet with my mouth and then laid back on the bed and told me to sit on him.

I did. Just like this.


I'm actually becoming quite adept to holding the camera at weird angles and still getting a more than decent shot. He's about half-way in me. No worries - he did get it all the way in. Over and over.

But not for as long as you might think - or as I wanted. Sooner - way sooner - than later, he clenched his eyes and said he was going to cum. Then he did.

For as large as he is, I would have thought to feel him throbbing up there - especially at this angle. But I didn't. It was still a good thing to know I was getting and taking his load.

Upon cleaning up and getting ready to go, he never once uttered a thing about 'shouldn't have done this again' or word one about fucking a stranger. He actually told me to contact him next time I was coming to town.

As this guy was showing up, I was also arranging a time with another repeat guy. I blogged about this guy last October. The guy has a killer dick, a dirty mind, a filthy mouth - and not the most attractive face. But I ain't staring at his picture all day either.

Actually, as we conversed via email since my last time, his ideal is to have me face down, ass to the side of the bed when he enters. In theory, I never had to see him. It could have been hotter if we had never hooked-up before, but this would work too.

"Roy" called when he was in the lobby. I left my jockstrap on, unlocked my door, put my ass on the side of the bed with a pillow under my mid-section. In a few minutes I heard the door being pushed open, then shut & locked - a slight sigh of satisfaction as he saw what was presented to him and then the inevitable shedding of the clothes.

Roy loves to eat ass - and as it turns out, I love to have it done, especially as a precursor to being fucked. I thought about telling him of the load I had up there from 30 minutes prior, but I thought I'd just wait and see what he'd find. Turns out - if he tasted it, he said nothing, but it was buried farther than the average tongue could ever reach.

Soon enough, Roy lined himself up to my ass. I shamelessly tossed the camera his way, as I knew he's be ok with snapping a few pictures.


Roy is a little over 7" long I think, but you can see the girth. I showed these to a friend who said the dick looked like a dildo and not real. I see where he's coming from, but I am here to tell you it is all real. Yeah he has an industrial strength metal cock ring on and maybe he was even taking some viagra or something, but the flesh pole he was sporting was all his. Not that I looked around to see it.

I remained face down waiting for what was to happen. And it did.


Roy needed no prompting for getting his cock to my hairy crack. He nudged it against the target and while he is very thick and yes, I had seen some recent action over the few days prior to this, he went in fairly easily. The guy does have a technique of which I am impressed.

He makes a big dick feel good, to the point where I think even a less experienced guy (I guess that might be most people other than me!) can take it fairly painlessly. Because soon, he was all they way up me - and then would pull back out - kind of like this:


Granted, he went balls-deep, so this is just a shot.

I do love it when guys put their mouths right to my ear and say dirty things. I don't even remember what he was muttering, but suffice to say it was some name-calling and telling me what my ass and I am good for.

Roy did go on to say that he would love to see some straight guy fuck me. I'd love for him (or just about anyone) to see that too.

When Roy unloaded, I could feel every throb. But given how wide that cock was, I don't think that would be much of a surprise.

For the entire time I took it up the ass by Roy, I never turned around, I never looked at him - nor did he see my face. ....but you know for that getting yourself back together and dressed, it's hard just to lay face down waiting for him to go. I relented and finally rolled over before he left.

Overall, it was still a pleasant morning. I'd do it all again.

I know - you're all shocked!


Anonymous said...

Unlike many other bloggers, you are showing real photos of yourself in action. It would be good to see more of the "before and after" of each steamy encounter.

Keep up the good works


cb said...

Nice pics! I'm kinda jealous you get so much cock! :-)