Sunday, November 30, 2008

Columbus Hotel A.M. Fuck

I was up very early the next morning, while in Columbus. Other people? Not so much.

I was still looking to get fucked, or to suck out a load before I had to hit the road. I had self-imposed a deadline on myself to be out the door, because I know how I am. Had I not, I would still be there thinking something, or something better, would come along. ...again, it is the price of being addicted to sex.

I did run across one guy I was ready to venture out for - and usually I'm the one to host. But he kind of dropped off and must have found something better or more convenient. It wasn't until later that it popped into my head that this guy bred me eons ago when I lived about a mile away from the hotel I was staying at. ....but that's another story for another time.

Finally I found I guy I settled on. Yes, 'settled'. I don't think he was in my top 5 choices of guys who were out there on Manhunt that time of the morning.

6ft 210lb 41yrs. blk man top 9c


It is not the best angle for a picture, but it is the only one he provided me.

As I've been apt to do lately, the room number given out, the door slightly open for the guy to push through. And he did.

The guy seemed bigger than advertised, except in one place.

He wanted me to suck him and he was quite small.....and smelly. Clearly he had not showered, but I'm ok with that, I guess. He grew and he grew hard, but 9"? I don't think so.

He had a very very respectable SOLID, 8"....maybe. but not 9". I've seen a few dicks in my time (no, it is true. i have!) and this guy wasn't pushing 9" - let alone there.

I went back to my position on the bed, ass right at the corner of it - providing him easy access.

Make no mistake about this - the guy was rough. No finesse, no anything except how it felt for him. Good thing for him, I'm a trouper. He mentioned a few times about how he liked 'fucking a white ass'.

Since he had no style in the fucking department, I knew this would be over quicker than anticipated. True to form, I'm thinking he did his final bury of the dick (and with it, the seed) up my ass in about an 8-10 minute time frame from walking in the door....and that included the fluffing I performed too.

Sometimes you get what you ask for. I got fucked and that is all it was. Not erotic - just necessary.

I was on the road at my pre-designated time.


mark said...

dude, you sound so hot - coming to cleveland next week for work - i would love to breed you, and trust me, it won't be any 10 minute fuck. hit me up, i've got pics i can send.

BikeGuy said...

Bud- you didn't leave an email. go to my profile, my address is there. send me some info on when you'll be here and the pic.

Anonymous said...

Nice story!