Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lust to Lust

So I finally got a 3-way going while on my travels. A pseudo-3 way I guess.
I always forget why I don't entertain these more often, but it comes back all to clearly. First - they are hard to arrange. Someone can't make this time or that time, someone always wants approval of who is coming and to see pictures and to see who else is out there. Invariably, someone bails due to one or combined reasons.

But even when they do come together, two are more into each other than the third. Odd man out as it were. It is definitely why I stopped have 3 ways with couples. When someone is left out in a couple, things get pissy.

So none of the three of us knew each other, nor was there any pre-planning. I had just double-booked and neither one cared there'd be a third person in attendance. Cool.

Candidate #1 - "Kevin": 6'2 185 37yo , short brown hair and scruff all over his face. HOT.


Candidate #2: "Tony": Bi married guy. 41yo masculine, Italian beefy gl guy, discreet. 6’ 190lbs, 34 waist, 42 chest. Sounded better than he presented.


Both were after blowjobs and that was ok. I like to be watched and to have a guy egging me on while sucking another.

Kevin showed first - and immediately I knew I would rather have one-on-one with him. He knew it too - about me, that is. Less than two minutes later, Tony appeared.

Immediately I knew Tony wasn't exactly what he projected. Maybe he was bi-married, but his frilly, almost girly underwear told me that having sex with men wasn't the only thing he was hiding from his wife.

For wanting to get sucked, Tony was down on Kevin's dick in a heartbeat. Oddly enough, I was ok with this. It gave Kevin and myself to explore the rest of each other's bodies. It was nice. Don't get me wrong, I leaned in and whispered, "I am getting that load - not him!". He nodded knowingly.

Tony worked on both of us - and at one point, Kevin stood behind me, nudging his cock against the crack of my ass. I wanted it, but not really in front of Tony. So, not knowing anyone's timeframe, I took matters into my own hand - or mouth, as it were.

I got on my knees and took care of Tony. He cautioned he was close to coming - so I doubled my eofforts and made sure he got off and decided he had to head home to the wife. I wanted alone time with Kevin - and eventually got it, but not after Tony dressed and watched me playing with Kevin.

So, I'm sure I'll jump around all over the place, but Kevin ended up staying about three hours ! It was more than a play session. As sexual as it was, it turned out to be sensual as well. Kissing - which is not usually my biggest thing, being one of them. Yeah, I did most of the sucking - his dick, his pits, hit chest and his toes.

I also ate his ass. And when I say that - I mean: eat, lap at, tongue, tongue fuck, flick - you name it. I told him early on - he'd have to be the one to say 'stop' because his ass was so sweet, I said I could do it for hours.

I had him on his back with his feet up. I had him on his belly with me sreading his cheeks. I had me on my back, him sitting on my face. When all was said and done, I did spend over an hour of our time eating his hole. ....and we both loved it.

I'd never have told him, but I thought I sprained my tongue. It hurt so much by the time I was through - contorting it into new and different ways. And it hurt for two more days. I really gave it a workout.

We'd rest and make out some. And then he touched me. Not to be all girly about myself, but it was not massage exactly. It was the lightest touch from such manly hands. My chest, my arms, my face and legs. The only way I can describe it is cumming without ejaculating. He had me cursing and craving his touch at the same time. I can honestly say - it was like nothing I ever felt before.

Later in the week, I attempted to do it to others with no success. I'm not sure if it was him or me - but whatever the combo, it worked!

Somewhere in all of this, we did do some fucking. Quite a bit, actually - but he says he cannot cum that way. So with time a-wasting neither of us had gotten off, not that I was planning to. Not that he was planning to get me off. He came for a blowjob and he was getting one. And we both knew he had to get home before his boyfriend did.

I went to work. I did a good job. I would say I did it in record time, but as he mentioned earlier - 'you really like to edge guys, don't you?'. I guess I had gotten him close before. But now we were approaching hour three. Time to get to bwass tacks.

Kevin gave me a really really nice load - in volume and taste. But this was a guy who was totally appreciative of my skills - which were only brought to a new level by him. He made me want to be a better - um, what's the word I'm looking for: Fag!

...well, it was more than cocksucking and I ain't his partner - you got a better word?

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Anonymous said...

Oh man i have a regular in Phoenix who i just cannot get enough of. We kiss, suck and fuck and he even bought me a Starbucks! Oh did I mention he has a 9 inch dick of death and a partner, who he says, "just can't swallow it and says it hurts down there".

I would have to call this, "Why don't you move to Seattle and just fuck me" kind of relationship. Selfish much... hell yes.

Jack in Seattle