Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mistaken Identity

Last week I was in Columbus - my old town of residence - for work, but instead of driving an hour south of there, in the middle of nowhere, I stayed downtown and figured, I'd make the commute to my next client the next morning.

At least in town, I'd have a chance of getting laid.

Between one client stop and dinner with friends, I checked myself into the Red Rash Inn.

Normally, I stay at better hotels than that, but it was a late decision, and the place is well situated and easy to get to from various areas of town. And as Red Roofs go, it really is fairly nice. Sparse - sure, but it's clean and again easy access.....for someone who provides easy access.

Also between checking-in and dinner with friends, I went on line to see what I could see. Actually, I placed an ad while on-line at the client site so by the time I made it to the hotel, I had quite a few responses.

Most guys never responded to my replies of their replies, but that is par for the course when using any hook-up sites. But one guy and I did trade a few emails back and forth:

looking for a masc guy to fuck and suck my cock. 38, 5'11", 190, 34w, masc, in shape, 7+ cut/thick.

Truth be told, there was a 2nd guy I was yakking with also. So when the above guy told me he'd be there in 25 minutes, I thought I could blow and dismiss guy #1 beforehand. So when there was a knock at the door 15 minutes later, I assumed it was not the highlighted above in blue. I was wrong - though I wouldn't know that until much later.

When the guy and I started playing, I mentioned there might be another guy joining us (again, I was acting on incomplete information). He was down with that.

"Scott" was all the things he claimed in the ad. He wore a baseball cap and took off his glasses when he arrived. He was masculine and very self assured - as he pushed me down to my knees to suck his dick.

At first, I was thinking he'd never get to 7", as he appeared small, but he was a grower. Also, within our email exchange, I made another incorrect assumption that he wanted some head....regardless of how he replied to me in his original message. But I also didn't know it was guy #2 who showed, not #1.

He insisted I sucked him and take him deep. Scott held my head steady and pumped his hips so that his cock was going deep into my mouth. Not that 7" isn't formidable, but c'mon - I'm me. I could take that, but I'm glad he got off on the idea of him taking charge that way. I did too.

Scott moved to the bed where he sat on the edge, where I sucked him. He scooted back farther onto the bed, where I followed, so I could get to his dick. Soon I was laying in a position perpendicular to him so I could suck him a little easier.

What it also did was give him access to reach down to my ass - where he found my hole. And when he found my hole, he found he could make me quiver a little. He also found he could get what he wanted.

Admittedly, I had a small bottle of lube out, but I didn't think it would be for him. With authority, Scott told me to roll over on my stomach. I obeyed.

He lubed his dick and poured some into/onto my ass. With no ceremony, he PLUNGED in. Really - it was like a stab the way he did it, or the angle, or both. Had I been able to go anywhere or pull off, I probably would have. But as you can imagine, I was pinned between him and the bed. I'm sure he saw the surprise/discomfort in me, but it didn't stop his initiative.

Scott probably did give me 30 seconds to adjust, but then it was all about fucking my ass. I had poppers near me and reached for them. I've been trying to use them less and less - going for the breathing technique. ...they also make me lose my erection - and I want a guy to know I'm enjoying the fuck.

But to get my head in a more comfortable place while my hole was conforming to that same place I needed to get to - I took two big hits of the poppers. I relaxed and opened up for him - just like he knew I would.....or should. He talked dirty about me while he did all of this to me. You know I love that shit.

I murmured to him that he was going to make me late for dinner. He said he knew he was - and didn't care. ..and he didn't. His chest was on my back as he fucked my ass. He also saw my ring and without stopping his in and out motions, he grabbed hand and said, "filthy motherfucker, playing around with strangers while you're out of town...." Then he pumped harder for a few minutes.

With no warning, he pulled out and stood next to the bed.

"Get up!", he commanded. I did. "Come here", he said and led me to the bathroom alcove - which had the sink and mirror. "Bend over".

I did.

"Now watch yourself take a strangers dick up your ass"...and again, I did. We both did.

Like looking at a movie or something, we both watched our reflections instead of our real selves. It was almost a disconnect, but he could feel a warm ass and I could feel a rod of steel up my hole.

With more derogatory comments, Scott pumped me. I have to say - it was hotter than fuck. The visual, the verbal, the attitude. At one point while both looking into the mirror, he gave this wink that was one of those dirty little secret winks. He could have as easily been doing it back to himself as he was to me. Looking back now, I'm not sure. But it was hotter than fuck.

It kind of surprised me that with no fan fare, he pushed deep and held it there. Not a word or sound - but there was a pulse. I knew what he was doing. So did he (obviously!). That was hot too. He just let a huge load flood into my guts.

Scott pulled out and cleaned up while I stood there. Both of us knowing I'd have to hustle out of there for dinner. He dressed and left without a 'thanks', but I never expect it (or really want it) from a guy like that. He assumed guys like me were there for guys like him. And who can argue with that logic?

Before I left for dinner, I sent an email out to the guy I thought was #2 (who actually was Scott), but I thought had not shown or running late:

me: waited man. couldn't stay. will be here in early morning.

him: dude, i'm the one that fucked your ass.

him: let me know if you come back to town. i have a buddy who would love to help me tap that hairy butt again.

Don't think I won't be keeping his email address for a scene like that. If his friend has half the attitude of him, I'll be golden. I'd even make a special non-work trip down there if I thought that would happen.

Later, I was relaying thoughts about Scott and his 'tude to an on-line guy (can't say he's a friend, or a buddy - as I've never met him). Here was his take on Scott, or guys like him:

it was you or a kleenex both just a place to deposit both disposable and you know it only benefit of you is that the top has satisfaction is that a person is being made into a pig - the power over you to put you in your place

...and you know it.



Danny said...

Later, I was relaying thoughts about Scott and his 'tude to an on-line guy (can't say he's a friend, or a buddy - as I've never met him).

I have always called those types of friends as "web buddy" or "web friend." It sounds a little nicer than pen-pal.

The story? A scorcher. I think I've just had my daily dose of high sexed-up porn!

RG said...

You know, you make me abuse my fleshlight every time I read your blog.

cb said...

Fuck... wow.