Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ed & Me - Part Umpteen

I’m torn on which order to write my next three stories, but figure I’ll just roll them out as they come. I wanted to build up to the hottest story, but they are like my children – and they were all hot in their own ways. They are all repeats – and one of them is just from earlier in the same week. I’m concerned I’m getting a reputation around town – and I don’t even frickin’ live there!

This first one is about “Ed”. Yeah – I’ve written about him a number of times before. Ed is actually the person I’ve hooked-up with most since I’ve been traveling to DC. I can’t say we’re a regular thing, but a little more consistent over the last few months. No worries – I am not there enough to make it a ‘thing’ and I think he has a partner or at least a boyfriend.

Standing naked before you – he is a wonderful specimen of a man. Muscular, but not overly so. Hairy – and in all the right places (possibly the most perfect treasure trail!). Handsome, but not unapproachable. Masculine. Well hung.

If he has a negative, his voice is a little nasally – or so it seems. After we’re doing what we were destined to do, I never notice it again.

Ed is good in bed. Yeah, with him, I’m always the bottom, but with a guy like this – that is where I’m meant to be. I want to be. We have little conversation and always get down to “it”.

Ok – this time it was a little different. Normally we are early morning or very late night hook-ups. This time was right after work for both of us. It was cold and raining out when he arrived. With no words, it just happened. We drew closer and closer – to the point where we started kissing.

To anyone else, it wouldn’t seem a big deal – except for the last 15 months or so, Ed and I had never kissed. Not once. Certainly it was pleasant – and done with some passion. And it lasted for quite a while, especially considering we had never done it. It went beyond curiosity and into lust personified. Maybe he isn’t dating anyone. It did not seem like the lips of a guy who kisses for passion at home. Or it could just be my imagination.

During the kissing, we started slowly, methodically and sensually taking off each other’s clothes. The buttons to our dress shirts came undone one by one – with no rush, yet with great abandon. It was like the stuff out of bad romance novels or a Lifetime movie (if one of us were a woman!). Lips went to necks, sides of faces and ears. Tongues too. And yet, shirts were untucked, dropped to the floor and then we went lower to the belts, shoes and pants.

Ed’s body always makes me just want to stand and admire him. The veins in his leg are even masculine – coming from a man who works on that body, but can easily be disguised by normal business clothing.


He collapsed onto the bed – waiting for me to come to him….to service him. I went gladly – willingly.

Last time I provided him a blowjob. It was meant to be more, but he had hurt his back and he was responding well to my mouth. According to him, he has a hard time ejaculating from head, but this time he had no issue. Not only that, but he got hard again in a matter of minutes.

So, I started, this time, with my mouth too. I got a very similar reaction. Ed put pillows behind his head and watched the top of my head go up and down on his – and then underneath the shaft. At some point, what my activity and what he was seeing from his angle, I heard him say “that’d make a nice picture”

Never one to be shy, I said – do you want a picture of that? He said sure. I got up found my camera and tossed it Ed’s way. He used it. During the rest of our session, I’m thinking he took like 4-5 dozen pics…..like this one.


But getting blown – at least through cumming – was not on Ed’s agenda. “Sit on this”, he commanded, shaking his hard 7.5” at me. And I tried, but it was a tough go. Not sure if it was his angle or mine or combination, but it was difficult going in. Not to worry, we got it but it wasn’t working for either of us. We flipped around in various position – me on all fours, me on the edge of the bed on my back and the back to me sitting on it – like this:


We went on like this for about 45 minutes….his cock just made for my ass (yeah – I know what you’re all thinking! Shut your pie holes!). The last bit of ploughing was me on my back, center of the bed, Ed above me pumping me hard.

Hotel guests on either side of us had to know someone was dumping their seed. It’s one of those unmistakable sounds – regardless of your gender. You’ve done it or it’s been done to/in you – unless of course you’re under 18! {EG}

I could feel Ed pretty much flooding my guts. Not so much with the volume, but the pulses with each shot he put into me.

What I have found with Ed is, there is no slipping out afterwards. It is a concerted effort to get his dick out of my ass – that is if I want it to come out at all.

I was still on my back and he leaned back – basically so our crotches were still touching via his cock up my hole.


Honest to g-d, in a matter of minutes (seconds?) he was snoring. Fuck – it was like we were dating and he just drifted off to sleep post-coitus. This did not seem like the behavior of a trick – who usually pulls out, dresses and is out the door.

Oddly enough, I was comfortable with this arrangement. His dick was still pretty plump and deep in me. It wasn’t going anywhere unless I pulled my way off him – and if I did that, he’d wake. I didn’t want to do that either. What I did do, is take a few torso pics. I didn’t want to get his face in them, as I wanted this little arrangement to continue.

After about 30 minutes, Ed woke up - still in me. Truth be told, it was great. He eventually pulled out, got up and showered. I remained laying in bed, completely satisfied. Hopefully he was too.

Ed dressed and we had a few more kisses before he left. I'll just assume there will be another go-round at some point.


brooklynbull said...

Beautiful account - you LIKE him, and it's nice. Having his load in you cements the like, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your photographic record. Please get close-up shots of cocks in your next encounters.

Keep it up.


adam said...

Honest to g-d, in a matter of minutes (seconds?) he was snoring.

That's very sweet, actually, he's comfortable enough to nod off. It adds something more, even if the relationship is overall pretty casual

cb said...

Fucking hot story... And pictures!