Monday, November 10, 2008

Fear & Self-Loathing

Ok - not so much fear. None at all really - it was just a play on Hunter S Thompson's book.

Self-loathing? Sure. It's me.

Let me start from the beginning. I was on Manhunt (which has been more successful for me than usual), when this guy contacted me.

Masculine guy's guy, good looks, fit body, easy-going and fun. 5'10, 185, 32w - and big where it counts. Interested in hot butt bottoms.

Then I went to his pictures - (below)

Let me state again: HE contacted ME! How in a just world could that happen? Would you look at that body?? Has this planet gone topsy-turvey mad? I see no other explanation.

He emailed and said he wanted me face down on the bed, butt-up. Fuck, I can do that. I left my door unlocked and slightly ajar. I didn't have to lay in that position forever. I happened to have a room near the elevator, so could hear the ding of when a car arrived. It gave me enough time to get into place.

He (again, no name gotten), pushes the door open and like a good boy, I don't look back. I feel his hand run over my ass - and it feels good. Masculine. But he is testing the goods. I seem to pass the test. He strips down and tells me to get on my knees to blow him - to get him hard. That is a task I can deal with.

But lest you all get, this is gonna get good - I can thrown a fly in that ointment. Maybe a few.

I know I have good oral skills - better than good. But for the life of me, I could not get him up. I barely got a twitch. And that was a shame - as like his ad stated, you could tell he was big where it counts. Nicely thick, big head and a massive downward curve.

That curve might have been the issue.....or an excuse. Not sure which. He said that two days before, some guy was squatting on his cock and lost his balance.

Can you really break a penis? He wasn't bruised - because it would stand to reason that if a blood vessel was broken, I could see where the flow would impede an erection. He said he heard a crack, has been in pain since and can't completely get hard. ...and he even took viagra before heading over. 34 and needing viagra? That doesn't seem right - does it?

However, with some manipulation by hand and my mouth, I did get him what looked like really hard, though he claimed it wasn't. During this oral manipulation, I did get to eat his ass. He said that does nothing for him, but it did for me.

The guy did fuck me for about 15 minutes, but couldn't finish the job - at least that way. It went back to my mouth and hand. I tried to let him off the hook to go, but he wanted to stay. Somewhere in our conversation, he mentioned that I was the first profile on MH that he saw and figured 'what the fuck'.

I can't say either of those reasons were a great endorsement of me. Maybe he didn't mean it that way, but I took it that way, for sure.

I will give it to him - he wasn't going until he got off - one way or the other. But it was by his hand, not mine. Certainly not my mouth or ass. But I hated to waste it and told him I wanted it in my mouth. He agreed.

I will also give it to him on his volume. Take a look:

As much as did get on my face - more got in my mouth. But he wasn't a good aim or wanted to really see it. It took him over two hours (!!!) to get off, but he did.

Later, after the fact, on Twitter, I posted a short Twit (Tweet?):

bikeguy13 hot hot hot and still he could barely seal the deal. maybe it's me.
then I got this reply:

rawtop @bikeguy13 - it's not always about you ;)

Maybe RawTop is right. I appreciated his support, even tongue-in-cheek, but it was hard to not take it personally.

And all of that being said - if his cock was feeling better, I'd probably do it again, because even injured - he was a great fuck. Imagine if he were feeling 100%!!!!! Because he WAS smokin' hot!


Papa Tony said...

Yes, it IS possible to "break your dick". A dear friend of mine had to use a plastic sleeve to keep his dick pointing the right way after the base of his penis was damaged inside. In his case, it was a permanent break, and it really messed with his ability to be a Top. Luckily, he also loved getting fucked.

Anonymous said...

sounds like he might have been taking anti-depressants, I had the exact same problems when i took them (a few years ago in my early thirties). 1) difficult to get hard (doc prescribed viagra) 2) takes FOREVER to get off (if you can at all) 3) make excuses to avoid admitting taking anti-depressants

I don't think you have anything to feel bad about at all BikeGuy. p.s. enjoy your blog - and btw do you know what happened to barederek's blog?

Anonymous said...

A similar type of accident happened with a former bud of mine. The night I met him was at an orgy and his cock was fine and straight up. We tagged a bottom who was rowdy and wildly riding both our cocks. I stopped fucking the bottom because he wanted control but he was irratic. The next time I talked to my top bud, he told me he was being treated for a break in his cock. He told me he heard the "crack" sound as well. He was still having some problems last time we talked, about two years after the incident. This type of injury leads to a condition called "Peroni's" (sp) or something like that.

David said...

love ur blog bikeguy.

and yeah, what's happened to barederek? i really depended on his vids!

BikeGuy said...

My understanding was Derek shut down his site (or possibly had it shut down) due to posting copyrighted videos.

I honestly don't know for sure.

Anonymous said...

I never heard about a broken dick. There are no bones in a boner. It's all muscle so I guess you "pull a muscle", so to speak.
The anti-depressant theory sounds more likely,though in his case.
You did your best to get that hunk's load, so I don't think you have to apologize for anything.
Love your blog and your honesty. Your sex encounters are more real life since you don't always have the "greatest" fucking or blowjob, or whatever.