Saturday, November 01, 2008


I was pimped out - again.

But not for my bottom services - which is the norm. Well, as much as is the norm for the 4-5 times I've been "referred" out for my services.

Should I be writing about this? One will say yes. One will say no. Names and locations will be kept confidential. No one here is looking to betray any confidences - and since both parties read this blog, I know they'll be checking to see not only if I write about it, but how I do it.

The referral came from out of town. I have had 'relations' with the referee. He really likes my big jew dick - but oddly enough he has never touched it, he has certainly never sucked it or bent over for it. He's not that kind of guy.

I've been talking for the last week to the referral. He obviously also knows the other guy, so we have that in common. But guy 1 has a hold over guy 2 and the latter does what the former says/asks. I was happy to help out. It just took some schedule juggling to get it all in place.

Today was that day. Places and times were agreed upon. Activities were discussed - things agreed upon, few things ruled out. But in reality, it was only guy 2's job to show up and do what needed to be done. My job was the bidding of guy 1. I guess I'm like guy 2-lite. I can live with that.

Is any of this making sense to you people? It does to me, but it's me.

guy 2 ate my crotch through my jeans. Then though my red jock. I told him to 'soak it'. He did. Eventually I released the beast and he did a more than admirable job of sucking on it. But I know one thing he really wanted to do was lick my ass - and I'm always more than happy for someone to do that. The problem there is - usually when someone eats my ass, it is just a lead-up to fucking it, and I knew that wasn't on the agenda.

But I let guy 2 really go to town on it and he did a good job. He did take some liberties by using some digits to stimulate my ass. Since I was face down/butt up, I couldn't see how many fingers he may have been using. I know - that makes me sound slutty- right? Normally I don't even like fingers up there - most of them are too boney to make me feel good. But guy 2 seemed skilled at doing it - and I let him.

Doing that also gave me a hard-on. You all know I'm not THE top or anything, so I needed all the non-viagra help I could get.

I had guy 2 kneel on the bed and I pulled his boxers down past his ass. He asked if I wanted them all the way off - I didn't. I positioned myself and pushed in. It was a little difficult - I won't lie. The position, where his hole was, the rigidity of my cock. All factors.

But I did get in him and I fucked him for awhile. Since I'm not a top by training, I was having a hard time cumming. It was fine by me, because I could have fucked for quite a bit more, but I could sense he was craving the end - needing the end. Needing the seed.

I did take a risk by pulling out and doing this simultaneous move of kind of jacking off and fucking him at the same time. Not really jacking off, but when I'd pull all the way out, and on the push back in, my cock slid through my fist as well. It was a great stimulator to get me where I needed to be - and where he wanted me to be.

I ended up blasting a nine day load into his guts. I kept my cock in there for a bit, letting it take its own course in sliding out.

I reached down and pulled his boxers back up and over his ass. Job done.

....for both of us. ....for all three of us.


marcus said...

i guess i am kind of confused and dumb founded that you do not have inkling of a conscious that your is the load that may infect him with hiv since you are poz? even though yes the guy is taking a risk, you know you are poz did he know that you are or does any of the bottoms you rarely top? don't get me wrong I do enjoy ready your blog but the truth should be known. take care.

Anonymous said...

Hot story! One needs to read only a few other well placed Blogs to surmise who your "Pimp" is. Knowing the genesis of the act and the desired result from reading the other Blog makes reading this even hotter.

Black Bareback Bull (3B) said...

I agree with the first comment (Anonymous), I instantly knew who "guy 1" is from following your blog daily. I also agree that this added a whole new depth of excitement to your blog. Very clever! I am not at all ashamed to say that reading your blog, makes me a better blogger. Not nearly as good as you yet, but learning daily. Damn, keep it up "Bike".

Anonymous said...

Hot post

Anonymous said...

So was the guy you fucked normally a top?