Monday, June 30, 2008

Big & Thick

Last time I was traveling I got hit up by a guy who wanted to swing by my hotel and have some fun.

It was just an email with no photo, but he clearly knew or remembered me. He shot me back a quick description of what he looked like and I took it from there. I’ve been blessed with a pretty good memory and figured out who it was.

I had played with him a few months back. My best guess without asking him, was that he was a mixed race guy – great face with incredible eyes. I know – it sounds like I’m swooning about him and it would be easy to do. This is a sex addict blog, not a love addict one. But IF I were to find someone I’d want to “date”, he might be it.

I guess it doesn’t hurt that he has an incredible body – part of which is a 8.5” THICK prick – that curves slightly to the right. What he wants being with me is anyone’s guess. But he did – and I wanted him to come over.

More surprisingly, he was impressed that I remembered him. How could I not. BTW, I wrote about him here.

The man was smart enough to get into the elevator with another ground of guests, bypassing me having to go down and get him. There was a knock on my door and poof – there he was.

He wasn’t shy and jumped right in on touching and rubbing my body. Naturally, I was doing the same for/to him. Soon, shirts were off, pants were dropped, and briefs practically torn away.

Everything about this guy, visually, says aggressive. But in reality, that is not the case. Passive-aggressive is closer. I think he is willing to do just about anything, but it has to come out of your mouth – not his. Maybe it is being turned down as too non-vanilla (I won’t say kinky exactly) – and I have played that game, making the other guy think it was their idea.

But since I did recognize this ploy (if you will), I played along. We did a great job of me sucking his cock – in a number of positions. Both of us laying on the bed, me on my knees in front of him, me with my head on the headboard, him standing on the bed pumping my face (which really WAS the hottest).

Because of his mixed race, he is brown, but with a much lighter color. But for whatever reason, his dick is as dark as anyone’s I’ve ever seen. It’s also thick – especially at the base. …and the top ain’t too thin to begin with.

When I was doing the sucking while we were both on the bed, I went down to his balls, which were full and felt great in my mouth. They tasted great too. ….and then I went lower. I got a more than positive response with this, so I went even further south. He didn’t open his legs, but he didn’t stop me. That response when my tongue his hole was overwhelmingly good. He had a great tasting ass.

We went back to him feeding me his dick from above and I asked if he liked my tongue in his ass. He emphatically said ‘yes’. And I told him he could sit on my face any time. He immediately took me up on that offer. I was glad he did. He was glad he did – I made sure of it.

He lowered his ass right to my face and I went to town. He was clean, but musky and I went in as deep as Mr. Tongue would go. But he was ‘ooohing and aaahhhing’ enough for anyone in the hallway to hear. And I’m good with that – as you know.

And he wanted more than my tongue – but not up his ass. More like he wanted mine. I hesitated due to his thickness, but I wanted to try – for him and for me. It was tough – very much so, but with enough Boy Butter and poppers, much is possible. This was one of those things he wanted but didn’t want to ask for. Maybe he feels most guys shy away from his size and it is a rejection kind of thing – which is a shame, but understandable for a dick his size.

He lay back and I eased myself on to him. It was going to be the only way with this – and we both knew it, though no one ever said it. And it wasn’t easy getting down on it. I’m not convinced it was every ALL in, but most of it was. I enjoyed it because he enjoyed it, but I’d be lying if I said it felt great. Given time and acclimation – over a period of a week – I’m sure it would have. But at this point, I felt over stretched and in a bit of pain.

We did change position, with me in a downward facing dog position on the bed and him standing behind me. It probably helped that I had sat on it for a bit and rode him. Between me being so tight (or really, isn’t everyone tight to a guy like this?) or the build-up of the 45 minute foreplay, he didn’t last that long….which was just fine with me.

He yelped out as he came – another thing the neighbors could hear, if I had any. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t care. There was no way not to feel him throbbing in me. I could have taken his pulse he was so thick. But I could feel every throb of his shaft as he unloaded into me.

As you know I love getting guys off more than me ever getting my nut, so I was thrilled I got him to go over the edge. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’m hoping he’ll want to do it again also.

Normally, I do not hang on to the email addresses of my tricks, because, I’m always looking for that someone new – but as you’ve read here, I have a few semi/pseudo-regulars. I’d gladly add him to that list.

After he was all cleaned up, he came over and kissed me (!!) and said he hoped he would have enough energy to make it through this work-out at the gym.

Personally, I hope I drained him.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

28 year old Suck Job

So when I was in DC last week, I did have a good time – when I wasn’t working, that is.

The hotel was great, except for the fact that it had one of those elevators that would only work with an active room key – which meant, the guys I hooked up with had to figure out to hop a ride with another hotel guest, or I had to go down and meet them.

One guy was younger than I normally go for – he left his description on my email as such:

28 6'4 180 white jock hung 8 inches looking to swing by and get sucked off very real here. no bullshit and looking for discreet. very real here.

Well, he was everything he said he would be, but being late at night, I knew I’d have to go down and meet him, as lobby traffic would be slow. And he was not dressed at all for this hotel – crappy t-shirt, hip-hop-ish shorts that were off his hips exposing his briefs. He was not the normal clientele for this establishment.

The guy was stoned out of his mind and I probably should have thought better of letting him upstairs, but it was a calculated risk I was willing to take.

We got to my room and he wanted to get right down to business, which is great because, I wasn’t looking for him to stick around longer than needed. He dropped his shorts and leaned back on the bed, facing the floor to ceiling window…..which you know I’m ok with. First, I’m a complete exhibitionist and secondly, we were on the 8th floor so not easily visible.

His dick was great. I’d say bigger than 8”, maybe by half and inch. It stood straight up and curved well to his right (my left). The guy just leaned back on both elbows and let me do my thing – and I did a good job.

He had some great moans and groans and a few hip thrust, but mostly he let me do what I do best. I don’t know if he was straight or gay – and it really didn’t matter. He was there to have a mouth on his dick, and I was there to put it in mine. It was a win-win.

The entire scenario lasted maybe 20 minutes. He liked his balls played with, lapped at or sucked. But he really liked that I could take him all the way down.

The closer he got, the more vocal he got. I’m ok with that. I don’t know if my neighbors were, but I didn’t really care. Admittedly, I like the possibility that they can hear and have an idea what is going on. They might not know the act – or that it’s two guys, but they know someone is getting their nut.

He blew a nice big load and it tasted just fine. I stayed on it until he was done, but when I tried to milk it he pushed me away – as I think he was just too sensitive. I understand and respect that.

But once I was off of it, he pulled up his shorts and headed to the door. No idle chit-chat. No even asking to use the restroom. He showed up. He came. He was gone. They should all be that easy.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm w/RawTop on this One

A few weeks ago, RawTop wrote a blog entry where he is tempted to reveal identities of guys are who are basically flakes. I'd take it a step further and post their pics, if they provided them to me.

It has become clear to me that I'm slow. Slow to act. Slow to react. Slow to learn my lesson. You may as well just get one of those yellow diamond shaped signs that say: SLOW CHILD.

Deep down, I know I'm not a feeder or much of a top - yet for some reason, this last 6-8 months I have been trying to spread those wings - almost all have been unsuccessful attempts. Yesterday, in DC was no different.

I had successfully extracted a number of loads out of a number of different guys the few days before (more on those in a later post), so I thought on my last morning, I'd let someone help me get rid of my load.

Now, I've been blessed with a nice dick (I cannot take any credit for it - it was just standard issue on my model) so attracting guys to it is like flies to honey. Yeah, usually the wrong kind of fly, but still......

I did get a number of responses that intrigued me - and by guys who weren't too horrible and even pretty hot looking. While I have crafted good craigslist ads when I want to eat (or more), I need some work on perfecting when I need to feed - though I don't think that will be a problem, because I cannot see me doing it again. I'll stick to eating.

Anyway, I had a full seven day load in my nuts and thought I would reward someone. Here was my final selection:

Service oriented, eager gwm btm. 40, 5-9, 165#, fit, masc, shaved head, go-t, mod hairy, 7"c, expert cocksucker, tight willing hole, neg/ddf, discreet, safe, sane. love servicing a verbal top that knows what he wants and how he wants it. into sucking cock, balls, and more.

He showed up and looked just like his pics and his stats, so it started off promising.

And I will say, the guy had a nice mouth and a great tongue - and he had a flicking way of using said tongue on my ass that I am going to have to try to incorporate into my own oral skills.

While my ad clearly stated that I did not want my load wasted, I once again made the mistake of asking before they came over if they would indeed swallow every single drop. I'm too trusting. Or I think like a cocksucker - since I am one - that all cocksuckers want or crave the load. Silly me. Again.

During the blowjob, I asked the "cocksucker" when the last time he swallowed a load. I just assumed he would say something like 'yesterday', but my back went up when he responded 'months and months ago'. It somewhat quelled my fears when he responded, "because no one has forced me to take it." ...and he said it with a dirty look that I would have given any of my feeders.

So when it came time to unleash, I held him down and I held him down hard. And I held him down long. I didn't give him a centimeter to wriggle with between my crotch and his lips. If he insinuated he needed to be forced, then dammit, I'm running with it.

Then the motherfucker coughed up every drop I shot into my pubes and crotch. The asshole had no intention of taking any of it.

I couldn't hold back at least a look of major disdain. Or verbal. I pretty much told him to get the fuck out, while I went to clean up.

But trust me on the temptation to post his email and picture here. When I put a pic up here, I am pretty good about cropping out distinguishing features - but oh to do the full body and face shot!

When it comes down to it, I'm a bigger man than he is.

I'm going back to just servicing guys and not use my own dick. It is just not worth it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Office Suck Off

Last Tuesday I was horny and hit our local craigslist. It is something I rarely do – mostly because I don’t have time when in town to find a hook-up and secondly the guys who post there or respond there are the same 18 guys. I’ve already done them and/or rejected them (or them me).

The day started off bad. A guy in a hotel 3 blocks from where I worked. Should have been easy – right? Well, just by me posing that question, you know it wasn’t.

He had multiple guys respond. He wanted a group. He wanted pics and phone numbers. He replied when he wanted, but nothing ever definitive. He wouldn’t answer the emails asking what his room number was.

Only when I called him out for being a flake did he start responding. But then it was, the one guy who showed up now doesn’t want an audience. Then it was, my co-workers are out in the halls and seeing people come and go from his room would be bad.

That last one? Bullshit!

Having been a trick or had them in hotel rooms 100s of times over, no one has ever escorted me to the door and peeked their head out to see who was in the hallway. Especially when the host said he was only in his boxers. Co-workers or not, they just don’t go into the halls let alone to see who is there. And 30 minutes later, the co-workers still in the hall? Gimme a fuckin break.

Then he wants to know if I can do it in my office (though I had already told him I couldn’t). Then, could we do it in a car. I finally had to tell him to ‘go fuck off’.

Later in the day, I started on-line conversing with a lawyer who works about 5 blocks from me. I was a little ambivalent at this point, until he showed me this:



How could I turn THAT down? Better yet – why would I?

The guys was ok. Clearly Jewish, which is ok with me, as I love me a Semitic man. And he is a lawyer. Yes, no stereotypical jokes, please.

Oh, and he kind of thought I was married and I kind of didn’t correct him. I also might of, sort of, kind of, led him to believe that I have only sucked dick 3-4 times before in my life. Ooops.

He took all that information and just ran with it.

The cock in person (in his office, after hours) was magnificent. No other way to describe it. Just fucking beautiful. Over 8” – about my size – but much thick and with a nicer head. Huge nuts too.

In person, he was kind of nebbish, but not undoable. He told me he was married - but if he has a wife, then I have a wife! If it is role play we want, then I can go along.

Anyway, I stroked the shaft in awe, the way a novice, married guy might do (I have no real benchmark for this one).

At some point I went to my knees and “tried” to get it in my mouth. To me, my “coughs and gags" were lame, but he seemed to buy them, talking me through how to take a dick. His dick. I kept pulling off asking if I was doing an ok job. He assured me I was.

He did switch places with me and go down on me. The guy was a Class A cocksucker. No way he was married. Or has a lot of free time where he can find time to practice taking big dicks down his throat.

He stood up and I went back down, but he wanted to jack off for me, putting his dick back in my mouth only about 30 seconds before he was ready to blow. I was ok with that.

I will say, the guy had a MASSIVE load. I hadn't blown for 9 days and he said his was 2. I couldn't imagine what his would have been like had he held out another week.

My little jig might have been up there, as I did not miss one single drop - or cough, or gag. Swallowed him all. If he noticed any of that, he said nothing.

Quickly we switched places. Soon my dick was back down his throat and I was ready to blow. I told him how much I cum and how long it had been since last time I shot. He assured me he could take it.


Like the last few times - they say they can, but they can't. He coughed. He gagged. If he swallowed any, it was little - as he reached for a tissue and I think he spit most of it into there. He kept apologizing saying there was too much.

Is there such a thing as too much cum? If so, I have yet to experience it.

So the day wasn't a complete loss - as I got a huge jewish load. But I was frustrated with guy #1 (which I am still not convinced wasn't the same guy I had just hooked up with at the office) and by the guy at the office not taking my load.

Maybe I'll just have to stop letting guys suck me. It's too frustrating for me to waste that seed. Any seed. Mine or theirs.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spiderman III

Another business trip, another stop at the adult video arcade I have been using for the last six or eight months.

I may have mentioned before, but the town and surrounding areas where this establishment is fairly depressed. More check-cashing places than actual banks. More Circle Ks than actual grocery stores. More strip clubs than actual taverns or restaurants. You get the idea.

So it is never too much of surprise when more than one of the guys who are in the booths ore going through the aisles are tipsy or just downright drunk in the late afternoon. I’m not meaning to make generalizations; it is just the way it seems to be.

Depending on their level or inebriation, I may or may not choose to pursue hooking up with them in any form. Sometimes I don’t know they’ve been drinking until they are in a booth with me. Don’t get me wrong – there was MANY a time, I’ve been in those booths drunk. But usually after the bars closed.

But here I am in a booth watching the guy across from me jack his big 8” cut dick. Clearly I want it and he comes over. He seems ok, though a little dressed down – but keep in mind the area I just mentioned. He’s liking my action, but not loving it. Turns out, he’d rather suck my dick, but I’m not into it.

There was also the issue that I don’t think he could have gotten to his knees easily, since the more I was with him, the more I smelled the alcohol oozing from his pores. Even if he had gotten to his knees, I’m not sure he could have gotten up easily.

As my luck would have it, a guy peeked his head into the booth as I was still sucking Mr. Tipsy. You might remember him from the guy I’ve blown a few times there – the guy with the Spiderman silk boxers.

He watched for a while and he told the guy he wanted to see him spooge in my mouth, but we all knew deep down that it was not meant to be. I’m not sure he could have gotten off if he wanted to – and I don’t think he wanted to either.

So then Spidey takes over and has his 6.5” cock out of his pants. I’ve sucked him a few times and he likes what I do and he likes the way he can treat me: like a cocksucker.

He likes to tilt me head to the side and just slam fuck my mouth while holding my head very steady. Even for an average size cock, the angle and the velocity of his thrusts sometimes made it hard to take, but I’m a trooper that way.

Everyone knew he was getting close, including the guys in the hallways or the other booths. Guys would stick their heads in to take a look, but Mr. Tipsy remained in the booth, so it was tough for many to get view.

Spidey let loose with a really really nice sized load (and it always tastes good too).
Afterward, he winked at me and said to no one in particular that that was the SIXTH time he’s gotten off today.

…and I believe him. The guy is such an incredible horndog, but I love it. So does he. So do the guys who see us in action.

Days later, I got a text message on my phone: That was GREAT!

Indeed it was.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

@ the Park

While traveling down I-71, southbound, for work, I continue to pass a park that I used to frequent when I lived about two hours away from where I do now.

The park has about 40 or so softball fields and is pretty deserted during the day, or in anytime when it is not spring and summer. Many a men would drive around that park looking for action that never took place on a ball diamond (though I'm sure some of them did actually do IT on the diamond).

When I say I frequented the park, I do mean frequently!!! Literally, I had hundreds of pick-ups in this park - some of them actually in pick-ups, or at least the back of them. This park was also the place where I first got busted for public indecency - but that is another story.

On my last trip southward, I had no schedule to keep and no appointments that I had to make. I was going down on-site just to work for the day. Really just going to show my face. It was kind of early for action in a park, but I've been there earlier and been lucky, so what the hell, I thought I'd take a slight detour.

The potential for action was larger than I would have guessed. Maybe 5-6 cars driving around looking for something. We were all looking for something.

Me? I was looking for a mouthful - but I also know the odds in places like these. I almost always assume everyone is looking for the same thing, and on the same receiving end (so to speak).

My hunches were not wrong, but luckily, when it comes to blowjobs, I'm ok at getting one as I am at giving one. Or at least in the last few years I've become that way. Naturally, I'd rather eat than feed, but sometimes you do what you have to - just for the sake of public sex. Sometimes that is the determiner.

After some posturing, a handsome man in his late 40s got out of his car and pretended to walk towards the trashcan near mine (I always park near one to give them or myself an excuse of tossing some garbage). He then walked up to my open windowed car and asked how I was doing and what I was doing. Within in the matter of a minute, he was pinching my left nipple every so lightly - but you all know how that fucking turns me on. After that, it was just a trip south for him as he went for my crotch. I was already way hard, so his play did nothing to help that.

We repositioned the cars (for lookout) and he got into my passenger. We did the 'are you a cop?' exchange (is asking and answering that question even valid in law anyway?) and took it to the next step: my 8" cock out of my pants.

Before I let him go down on me, we discussed that he is a good cocksucker and wanted the load. I clarified when he said 'wanted' he meant 'swallow' it. I clarified that *I* meant swallow it. He emphatically said yes. I also told him, on an average day I shot large amounts of goo and that it had been about two weeks since I dumped my nut. He didn't think there'd be a problem.

After he got his mouth on my dick, neither did I. The guy had a great mouth. One I hope mine feels like as a feeder uses it. Since I can't perform auto-fellatio, I don't think I'll ever know.

A few times I had to push him off my dick because I got too close too soon. But he wanted it and seemingly wanted it bad. Again, I was in no rush to get to work, but I figured I still had an hour drive and that I should wrap it up.

I had forewarned him that when I told him to stop moving to do just that. And so I have him that signal and told him to start swallowing. And he did. Kind of.

For all his self-accolades on blow-job-ability, his full grasp on ingesting my seed lacked follow-through. I could see a huge drop coming down my shaft and told him so - and that it was not to get on my work pants. But as that loose jizz traveled faster than his recovery abilities, I had to catch it on my own finger so it wouldn't stain my khakis.

Then the stupid fuck backed off too soon. Way too soon. He wanted to talk about why he didn't get it all, and I was trying to avert a chinos-sperm disaster. I still had plenty of cum left that if a feeder offered me, I would have gladly been back down on it. But not this guy. Douchebag.

I heard him say something about 'how difficult the angle was' and came this close to say, 'cry me a fucking river'. Seriously, if it's a difficult angle, what the fuck are you doing sucking cock in cars in a park. THAT is the angle - in more than once sense of the phrase.

Yeah - I got my public sex thing on, which I do love more than I can truly say, but I was annoyed that it wasn't me eating and that the guy who did eat me was not as good as he could and should have been. The act of getting off was pretty much ruined.

I've never been the guy who has held a cocksucker tightly down to finish the job, but maybe that's the answer. This has happened all too often lately.

All I can say, as a cocksucker myself - I'd rather choke to death than miss a drop.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Just a Site - No Story

A guy who reads this blog pointed me to the direction of a free webcam site:

It is one of the lamest and yet most addicting things I've seen in a while.

You know the deal - slow or spotty streaming video (possibly even pre-recorded videos) of guys just chatting others back and forth, some jacking off and yes - some even having sex with others. Some - not a lot - on the latter.

There are ways to view only male, female, transexual, etc cams only. Naturally, I pick male. And even under that you can sub-categorize under 'straight' 'gay' 'bi' or not pigeon hole yourself at all. Would it be a shock to anyone here if I said I tended to veer toward the straight men?

No - I didn't think so.

To be honest, I am always highly suspicious if most of these guys are indeed straight - or the "women" who try to chat with them. Especially the "women". I don't think that all women want to see these straight guy's assholes....or if they can self suck. You really have to take this site for what it's worth.

Most of the guys are from Europe (man there are a lot of men from Turkey and Italy). The U.S. is woefully under-represented.

There are lots of chest and cock shots when choosing the video man of the minute - but that is rarely drawing me in. I like to see the face. It's almost a must. 96.5% of the time, I'll breeze right over the cock shot if the next one is a face. Unless it's a REALLY nice dick, that is.

I liken the site to cruising a bookstore. You are kind of wanting to go into a booth with a guy, but in the back of your mind you think 'what if I miss someone much hotter'. That's kind of what happens while you're watching an attractive man, hoping he's going to do something more than just type to others on a webcam, while somewhere else someone is pumping a hot cock.

I thanked the reader for alerting me to this site and told him I was cursing him - as I continue to go to the site several times a day just to be a voyeur. His response was he hopes this will get me camming.

I'm not opposed to that (clearly), but I don't have a webcam currently and don't know I'd want to trek it around with me on all my work trips. Because, if I'm gonna do it, I don't want it to be a lame-ish jack off session. I'll want to show a bit more hardcore action.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

All Time High

Not just another crappy James Bond theme title (thank you Rita Coolidge), but since I've put a counter on this blog, May logged the highest number of hits: Almost 16,100 - or a thousand higher than the last highest, which was in March.

I take no credit for this at all - it is all your guys' doing.

Granted, I have to write something for you to come back to here. I also know I haven't been as consistent at posting as some others, but my sex encounters seemed to generally tied to my travels. When I'm not on the road, I have little to share.

Oddly enough, I don't mind work travel for a number of reasons, but I really look forward to it because I know I'll get laid. It might not be the best sex, but will plan my trips, my meals and my free time around the best time to find dick and spooge. Sometimes it works, sometimes its a bust - as you all well know.

Unfortunately, I don't have work travel scheduled for another few weeks, but that is scheduled. I always seem to have some unplanned trips that pop up.

For new posts, I might have to pull from my long sordid history. Does anyone have a topic or type of encounter they might want to hear about? I don't know I've lived it, but it might at least spur some of my thought process.

I have a few more newer encounters I haven't posted yet - so at least look for those in the upcoming days.

Thanks again for increasing my traffic and reading about my depravity.......which clearly is yours too.