Monday, February 02, 2015

Couples Therapy

I was traveling - in DC - and got hit up by a couple. Each sported the same picture on their Scruff profiles. Each had slightly different info, but they were both the same distance. One was black. One was white. Both attractive in their own way.

Of course, I was hoping to be the meat between their slices of bread in a sex sandwich, but that wasn't their deal. Nor was it to be me servicing, what was likely, a hung black dude.

Their deal was, the white guy would watch the black guy blow me. This was a new scene for me.

And I did what I hate guys doing for me. I accepted and showed up hoping maybe I could turn the tide my way. It is completely a dick move, but I can completely be a dick.

I arrived at their building and was buzzed in. Up to the third floor entrance, and then escorted down an internal staircase by the white dude, Mike. In that living area, complete with pit group and a big screen tv watching a football game I could care less about, I was asked to sit and drop my pants.

Kobe - that was the name they gave me - got down between my spread legs and started going down on me. Mike sat next to me, admiring my cock and his partner's talents.

I'll give Kobe this, he was talented too. He had an exceptional mouth.

The old BikeGuy could have cum in a minute and been on his way. I still could have. But the new(er) BikeGuy has found a way to hold off from cumming - almost indefinitely .

Oddly enough (?) it was Mike who piqued my interest. 6'2", what little hair he had left was greying, including his beard. He was a little heavy set, but not fat. A friendly face and not one you'd figure to be gay let alone one who pseudo-pimped out his partner. But in that friendly face, was a hint of naughty and dirty. I like that.

Mike sat right next to me on the sofa. Eventually he pulled out his cock to stroke as he watched Kobe. Then he'd look right at me - right into my eyes.  It was erotic. I almost didn't care what his bf was doing to my cock.

At some point Mike lifted his hips up and I went down on him. Great cock. Not big, but wide and with the angle and the scene, it all just fit together. Though it didn't last long. His scene was watching...watching some big dicked white guy feed his black boyfriend.

Mike would reach over and play with my tits and that got me going. Kobe just kept expertly working on my cock, though I know he was looking for a quicker pay off.  After about 30 minutes, his knees were tired. They asked that we go to the bedroom.

There I lay in the center, Mike to my right and Kobe laying between my legs.

Mike started kissing me now and again - and kind of talking dirty. Telling me how they'd find visitors like me to come feed his black boyfriend. How they liked married government staffers who just needed release after work and would blow a big load down Kobe's throat before going home to the wife and kids.

It all got me riled up, truth be told. And I had places to be, so I mentally let it all get to me, so it would physically get me off.

And it did. Maybe a week's worth of seed went into Kobe's belly. He took it like a pro.

As I was pulling up my pants, I heard him tell Mike that he has never taken a load that big. I'm not sure why it was said to Mike and not in general. I don't think it was meant for me to hear, but why not give a guy an ego boost.

When I got back to the hotel, I went to message them (via Scruff) a 'thanks', as my mother brought me up right, but they had both already blocked me.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Great read as always from your brother! Hate how folks using these social media apps block after a fuck or after building up like they want to fuck and just disappear. Crazy.

They are users! they took what they wanted from you and blocked you.

John in Atlanta said...

What a dick move to block you. Probably one of those annoying couple-y head games some people do to re-assert that you were merely an instrument of their pleasure, not a human being on their lofty plane of existence.

FelchingPisser said...

I just had the 'immediate block after I have fucked your load out of you' thing, too. Really annoying--even if you choose to never see me again. I am guessing John in Atlanta hit it right on the head in this case.

Explorer Jack said...

I personally like the block. There's not much to be misconstrued about being blocked. There is no ambiguity. Maybe you don't know why you've been blocked, but the message is clear, a repeat invitation is not in the cards.

In 10 or 15 minutes, it's all forgotten and we move on.

I wish blocking someone was acceptable in so many other aspects of my life. I have co workers, friends of friends, rude customer service people, even family members, that I would just as soon have deleted from my life. No malice, but I would prefer their absence.

And, I wish others had blocking potential for me. If you don't want me in your life, block me. No need wasting time interacting with others who don't appreciate you.

BlkJack said...

I agree, what a dick move. I also would like too know more about how to delay cumming so quickly.

CoolTop said...

I dunno why it turned me on to read about you getting your dick sucked, but it did. Then the blocking part pissed me off. An emotional roller coaster!