Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I answered an ad to give head - as I am apt to do.

He wanted pics, and I was ok with giving them. When he saw the body hair I sport, he mentioned something about wanting to shave it down.

Now, I like body hair. Sure, we can all do without it coming out the ears, and some people don't like it on the back. I'm ok (to a degree) if it is on someone else's back, but I'm not a fan of it sprouting on my shoulders.

But he was talking about my balls....and my crotch. The place where grown men grow it.

Now, there is something to licking a guys cleaned nuts (or maybe he's just hairless). The smooth texture sometimes makes them quiver more than fighting through the fur to touch tongue to flesh.

For full disclosure, I've had my privates shaved before, but all in the name of a few abdominal surgeries. I wasn't even conscious when they did it - so I got no erotic benefit from the event. What I did get were ingrown hairs and lots of itchy feeling three or four days later when stuff started to grown back.

But the guy intrigued me, so......I didn't say no.

He had his own razor. He had his own set of clippers. He even stripped down to a scrub top and the tightest, smallest pair of black briefs I have ever seen on a man. At first I thought he was wearing his wife's undies, but no. No he was not.

Oh yes, he was married. And bi.

And claims never to have shaved a man before but always wanting to. And clearly his looks and attitude convinced me enough to acquiesce.

While he had seen some pics of me and determined I wasn't "that hairy", I think he changed his mind when the real thing presented itself in front of him.

Laying on his bed, he took off my boxer briefs, as I had already discarded my jeans. I was soft and somewhat skeptical, if not downright cautious.

He started up the clippers. He said he'd be careful, but the length of my pubes would tug a bit as he got them down to a manageable size for the actual shaving.

He did the sides of my shaft and around my balls. He was trying to contemplate how much of the bush to take when I directed him to almost none of it. He could trim right around the top part of my shaft, but not really deplete me of my bizarre love triangle.

"Jeff" then moved over my sac again. And again and then down to my 'taint.

At this point, he told me to turn over. There I thought he'd do the other side of the 'taint but actually trimmed around the hole itself. While I was skeptical, the feeling of the humming clippers felt good down there. Still I stopped him from going further into my Fangorn Forest.

From there, we left the pile of hear now on his sheets to go to the bathroom. There he had a double bladed razor and some shaving cream.

With me somewhat perched on the counter, he got on his knees and and applied the shaving cream. He also had a warm wash cloth and left the water running in the sink next to me. And he took off his shirt, but left his brief briefs on.

And then he went to work.

He was nice and tried making small talk without making this sexual. He mentioned he was married (to a woman) and she knew he was bi. He asked what I did. I gave him a vague answer about my career - and automatically, I asked what he did.

I'm more surprised the told me than the actual answer, but it's just another thing off my imaginary bucket list.

He is a fireman.

Now - you could chalk it up to just talk, but a tattoo on his arm and back were fire fighter related. And yes, anyone could get those, but I don't see why they would. So I'm taking him at his word.

I won't lie - I liked the idea he was one. And while I had a semi while he shaved me anyways, that info made me stiffen even a little more. He semi-stroked me while he shaved or at least while he was rinsing the razor.

When he was done, he used the wash cloth to rinse me off and clean me up a bit.

He did run his tongue over my nuts too.

Maybe it was to see if they were smooth enough or not - as he knew the payment in exchange for this was for me to blow him, not the other way around.

When he stood up to drop his briefs is when it hit me. The burning pain. My balls were on fire - and not in a good way. JFC, they hurt.

Maybe this is why I never shaved them. He went down to look, but there were no nicks or cuts and the pain was to diffused to be a cut anyway. I took the wash cloth and rinsed my sac again, but it did little to subside the burning.

Does this happen to everyone who shaves their nuts?  (no really, I'm asking.)

I tried to ignore it - and eventually it did go away in 5-10 minutes - by going to my knees and taking care of him.

He was about 6", but with a massive head on top of his shaft. He liked my sucking. He liked my ball licking on his smooth nuts too.

It certainly didn't take him long to get off and with little warning. And what a fucking load. HUGE.

He apologized for the size of the load. Who the fuck apologizes for that? He said he forgot to tell me he shoots a lot. That's ok, as I'm well equipped to handle massive loads. I didn't miss a drop.

We were done, we went our separate ways without any promises of trying this again.

That said - whenever I shower or touch myself, I get a little surprise in not feeling any hair down there and an entirely new feeling altogether.

With every shower, I have touched up a bit. As I took a closer look, he didn't do an exemplary job as there were stray hairs on my sac and shaft. I'm not adept enough to probably do too far back in the 'taint, but we'll see.

I'm not sure I'll keep up the maintenance or let it all grown back. I'm sure I will eventually, but maybe just not yet.


BlkJack said...

I have never experienced the burning in which you speak of. I like shaving my balls, taint and my hole at times. To do an effective job with the taint, I suggest you crouch down and shave in that position. I find the experience to be refreshing and erotic. let us know what you think.

Explorer Jack said...

Wow. That Fire fighter is hot. I don't think I would ever let anyone shave me, but after seeing his pic....well, maybe him!

Anonymous said...

I shave my balls all the time. I'm HIGHLY sensitive on my balls and it only makes it stronger. As for the burning.....Yes, but that means you did not use enough shaving cream. I am constantly reapplying.

Best part of shaved balls for me is the feel of them slightly touching my boxers. There is certainly no cumming on command when they are freshly shaved and someone is licking them.

LeatherSkinBikerChgo said...

I've been manscaped by a guy in Chicago several times. He carefully trims my chest and stomach, cleans up my neck, trims my bush, shaves my crack smooth. After first time he started giving me happy endings. When he's done I shower. He provides fresh fruit and LaCroix. I never had the burning ball sac.