Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blog Update

I know I still have almost a month to "decide" what to do about this blog.

I've chatted with other bloggers on their intentions, and they are all over the place. Some are going to WordPress, which has a similar policy that Google / Blogger and implementing.

Some are doing dual on Blogger and Tumblr till it all shakes out.

One is just deleting the pictures on Blogger and staying there.

Me?  I'm torn.

First off - let me touch on how hypocritical Google is with this policy.....and I'm not even talking about 1st Amendment stuff - though I'm not really sure it applies in this instance, though a case could be made for it.

Go to Google and search 'barebacking' or 'blowjob'.  Then hit the images link. You'll get an eyeful (not that I'm complaining about seeing that). But you see these hardcore images with out any warning. There is not one age verification thing to click. You see it without any filter. You see it without one disclaimer. Hundreds of very very graphic pictures.

What are the chances Google will divest themselves of the images, graphics and videos in which they will prohibit us to use?  Zilch, is my guess.

Now, on my blog (currently), you already have to click on 'adult content' with a disclaimer. It is a concious decision to enter my blog. If anything, my writing is much more graphic than the pictures of videos I post.

And I do appreciate the feedback I have gotten by many saying that my entries need no images and that you like the tales themselves. That gives me hope to keep going in some capacity.

So it seems moving to WordPress is a non-starter. Why move content only to have to still remove images? I can do that here.

I'm not sure I'm feeling it with Tumblr either. I could mirror for a while and see how it plays out. At least with the folks I follow on Tumblr, most are images exclusively. It doesn't seem like it's built for the written word - and I don't think there is great indexing to find something you wrote, or when.

Getting my own URL is fairly cheap - but still a cost. Getting someone to host it is not always that inexpensive. And then there is the whole conversion thing.

So, I've gone though three years of posts 2005-2008 (so far) and removed most images. But so I don't have to edit text too much, or lose site of what is happening here, I've replaced each and every removed image with this note:


I suspect this will get me banned from Blogger before any of my images would.

I did leave some images - like this one.   Take a look - do you think it's considered 'graphic'?

Since it seems I DON'T have ton of images attached to my blog posts (it took me less than an hour to go through three years of posts), going through the rest of the years will take me a day. But I'm still not 100% sure I'll stay with blogger. I feel like a schmuck staying here and kowtowing to their new rules - especially when those rules don't apply to themselves.

I appreciate any feedback (or suggestion) you all might have on where to take this next.

I'll probably give one or two more updates before March 23rd, but I'm not trying to use this blog as a public forum for censorship. That's not exactly why most folks visit daily. But you'll know what I'm doing well before the deadline, so you can continue to follow me, if you all so choose. 

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Pry Vett said...

I sympathize and empathize. I was just about to start uploading to my blog and making it more active. I logged in tonight to do an "adult" post and saw the March 23rd ultimatum deadline notice.

Please, let let me know if you find any free or cheap, viable alternatives.