Thursday, February 05, 2015

GDD Brings a(nother) Friend

It has been a while, but GDD has returned. Twice now within two months.

On paper, he is great:  Married. Has like 5 kids. Huge 8.5" thick thick thick cock. Dirty mouth - and talks down at me. Each time he brings new "friends" with him.....and yet somehow it doesn't quite fire on all cylinders for me.

I know I'm looking a hung gift horse in my mouth (ok, I didn't quite make that pun work - I get it!)

I don't like that GDD can't get off without the use of a hand. You know my thoughts on that. And there is only so much talk I can hear about making my mouth and hand feel like "my wife's pussy".

Honestly, I have zero frame of reference for that. Nor do I want to. And saying it 50 times each get-together isn't helping me mentally get to where I like. Again, I know I'm quibbling.

Of all the guys GDD has dragged along, two I knew, another was hotter than fuck....and the others were total total duds.

Don't get me wrong, I got them all off, as it was my duty, but I was not as enthusiastic about it as I would have liked to have been. I was doing it for GDD.  ...but even that has worn thin.

However, this last time, there was redemption of sorts. Two cars pulled in to the drive - one being GDD the other being "Mike".

53, 6'1, 180. He would have a 7" cock. It was thick then thin, then thick again, almost like a ridged buttplug.

Unlike many of the guys who came over, he was not timid, though he let GDD take the lead. He wasn't nervous or meek. I liked this immediately. He came in and started stripping down without a word. Again, I never know what GDD says or tells these guys. I don't know how he entices them over or what he says to win their trust....but clearly he does.

I was told to suck Mike, so on my knees I went.

I had renewed enthusiasm for this guy, and tried to do a great job. He was responsive, physically and verbally. Both men talked about my skills as I performed them.

I would go back and forth between each man as directed. But then early on, I was told to get Mike off.  And I did.

Not only did I suck him, but he fucked my face. Though he would let me do my work. He appreciated the attention to detail I brought to cocksucking. Anyone can get face fucked, but there is an art to giving head - as I've said before, and no doubt will again.

He blew a big married load into my mouth. A sweet taste to his cream and lots of it. I held it in my mouth and from the trick I taught GDD, he showed Mike.

GDD took Mike's hand and had him grip my throat until I swallowed. I'm not sure Mike caught on to what was happening or if he picked up on this is something each cocksucker he encounters should feel, but we'll see.

Then it was time to work on GDD. Mike was told to suck my cock while I worked on GDD's. He did - and not badly, though not good enough he was in danger of getting me off.

And I worked on GDD...and worked....and worked....and worked. It seemed I was getting nowhere and his words of "worthless faggot" seemed to be coming true.

He told me to lay down on the floor. He knelt over me and jacked his cock himself. He told Mike to suck my dick again...or lick my balls.

I could tell GDD was getting close, though he didn't say it. I said something about Mike should see this....and I opened my mouth and Mike got to see jets of married dad cum shoot in my mouth...with me taking it all.

He also saw GDD really grip my throat and telling me to swallow.

As GDD went to clean up a bit, Mike stood over me with his cock still hard. He was talking to GDD about wanting to shoot all over my face to humiliate me.

I was loving this guy. He got it. But time was against us all.

As they got ready, I scribbled my email and number onto a post it. On their way out, I slipped it to Mike.

I had never done such a thing to any of GDD's men, and Mike stashed it knowingly, as if this were a covert action.

He contacted me the next day.

Hopefully more tales of this to come.

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CoolTop said...

I picked up on your comment, "Anyone can get face fucked, but there is an art to giving head". HELL YEAH! So many dudes out there want to be face fucked, too, and think that makes them great cocksuckers. Of course when a top is really enjoying himself in your mouth he's gonna wanna drill your skull a bit-- in a top's mind pleasure from the dick is very closely bound up in the use of those fuck muscles, and sometimes it's almost involuntary to want to thrust when you are feeling very fine indeed. But you judge a REAL cocksucker by what he knows how to do-- how he reacts to your own dick, how he senses what you like and don't like, how he zeroes in on the pleasure and just delivers it over and over. Sounds like you have admirable skills for sure, son.