Monday, February 09, 2015

Safe Word

I returned to the scene - right or wrong.

Two months ago, I got myself into a situation where I was restrained to a bed.  In ways it was unenviable, but in ways it inevitable.

...and highly erotic.

Yet he saw me on-line and invited me over. And I accepted.

This time, I knew what I was getting into - at least in theory.

He lets me in to his building and greets me at his door. But once inside, I strip and told to stand in front of him. He pulls out rope and loops it around my cock and balls a number of times - 3 or 4 - before tying it off.

The rough rope catches my pubes and it stings a little, but let's be honest, it stiffened up too. I got quite stiff.

While it seems like eternity, it is probably 20 seconds that I stand there in front of him. And the smacks my cock. HARD. It is a downward motion. The cock springs back up and he hits it again. And again.

I say nothing.

The more he hits, the more it stings.

He's looking for a reaction and he's getting one. Two, actually. They're just non-verbal.

I'm sure my face is grimacing a little. But my cock is rock hard. But he doesn't hear me say 'stop'. He doesn't hear me say 'no'. And I think that's what he's waiting for. One would stop him, the non-verbal gives him permission to continue.

He also tugs on my balls and hits those a few times. Not only do I grimace, but I tense up in a little bit of pain. Still no words escape my mouth.

With the rope as a leash, he leads me into the bathroom and told me to get into the tub. Doing so, he stood on the edge of the tub and proceeded to coat me heat to toe with his hot yellow stream of piss. Head, torso, crotch, legs, face. You name it. He just kept pissing.

When he was done, he threw me a towel, told me to shower and come back out.

When I did, he was lying on a couch. He took a hold of the rope to keep me in place and had me rub his back. I did for a while, but he didn't stop me when I leaned down and buried my face in his ass crack.

You know I love eating ass and he found this out too. For all his toughness, he whimpered like a little girl as I used my tongue to go over that hole...and in it too. But I am a master at munching butthole.

I also sucked his cock too, which he liked. I mean - who wouldn't?

But while I did these things, he would pull on the rope.......hard. He'd slap my nuts. Hard.

My dick?  Hard.

But at one point, with my nuts being used like a tether ball, I said, "ok....ok...".   But I made a point not to say 'no' or 'stop'.  Yes, I kind of meant for him to stop, but I thought it would be unwise to say that word.

At that, he led me to the bedroom. The scene of the previous shackling.

But this time, he had me lay down on my back. I guess he wanted a face to face fuck, as opposed to the face down on the mattress one I had last time.

True to form, he pulled out the arm restraints and I was secured. This time, unlike last, I wasn't sure I could get out of these if needed. But then he did something different too - he produced leg restraints as well. This didn't happen last time.

I realized, in this position, he couldn't really fuck me. Not easily anyways. If that were to happen, the leg portion would have to be removed...or at least one of them.

But this time he changed it up a bit by bringing out a blindfold. I'll give him this, the man was prepared. A regular boy scout.

I have been blindfolded once. I'm not sure I'm a fan, though I totally get it when it comes to a new level of submission.

While I hope I'm not a bossy bottom and I can at least somewhat surrender control to a man, having no control is daunting - at best.

No way to stop things. No way to see or anticipate what may come.

Scratch do anticipate it - even if it never happens. The mind plays fucking games every few seconds trying to guess and then second guess what is about to occur. It is exhausting. It is frustrating. It is torturous in ways. I can totally see how long periods of times of this behavior at places like Guantanamo would be a total mind fuck.

I head a bag being pulled out and opened. And as open as I am sexually, even I have limits. No - honest. It's true.

While I've never been sounded, the idea to me is uncomfortable at best. And yes, you don't know until you've tried, but I've never been shit on either, but am fairly certain it is not my thing. Ditto with animals.

So I expressed the 'nothing in the urethra' rule. He says that was not his thing either, but told me I should breathe, as clearly, I was forgetting to.

He took something out of the bag and lightly brushed it over my sac.  Then he used it to hit my sac. It didn't hurt, but again, not knowing what it was my thought process was: could it hurt?  will it eventually hurt? what is it?  Things go a mile a minute in situations like this.

I will say, after an eternity......or like six minutes.....he took it off, as his continual reminders for me to breathe were not being heeded.

And mind you, I was erect the entire time or at the very least as "limp" as you see in the pictures.

As I lay there, chained and now able to see, he told me if we do this again, I need a 'safe word' - and it can't be 'no' or 'stop' or 'ouch'.  I found this mildly amusing, as I used this in a joke to others and even in a previous post here. So maybe I'm not all that original.

Then he sat on my chest, his cock at my lips. There would be no ass fucking today, but there would be mouth fucking. As he mentioned, he's deposited a load in my ass, but never in my mouth - and today was that day.

So as I lay there with no way to control the force, frequency, depth or speed of the oncoming penis, I submitted and took all the had to give.  It did not take as long as I imagined it might, but we had been playing for a while and clearly the 'scene' aroused him.

He busted a big nut into my mouth and I was told to swallow. Of course I was going to, but he might not know that.

After he caught his breath and climbed off me, he unhooked me...and untied the rope around my dick. Not once did he touch it - you know, in THAT way.

He reiterated the need for a 'safe word'.

I'm thinking of 'apricot'.


inhere2 said...

damn man....that got me hard. will have to jack to that. you look great in those pics too.
hot story

LeatherSkinBikerChgo said...

I'm glad that you continue to evolve bikeguy. I would have been a lot meaner than that guy. The bondage would have been heavier. And you wouldn't get a safe word.

cyberi4a said...

Your cock and balls like nice tied up like that :-)