Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thrice Topping

Well over a year ago, I wrote about a pretty boy.

While I don't think I did subsequent posts on him, I have been invited back two or three additional times to suck him. And then he just dropped off the map.

I'd say he wasn't my type, yet I was attracted to his look. I'd have liked his cock to be a bit fatter, but eh, whatta gonna do? Then there was the everything in its place thing that threw me. I'm not a slob by any means, but I do like lived-in looks, not show pieces.

So the other week, out of the blue, he messages me via an on-line app. While that was a little surprising, it wasn't nearly as much as his content:

"do you want to come over and breed some pig while he sucks my cock? He'll have a full hood on with only the mouth cut out - so he won't see you."

While I'd say topping isn't my thing, lately, I might be proven wrong - at least a little bit.

And while I didn't ask for a pic of the guy, he went it my way anyways.

Eh. I knew him. Kind of.

Eons ago (ok, maybe 20 yrs ago), he worked at a company in which a guy I was dating also worked. Complaints were rampant about this guy - "Gary". Heavy drug use. Along with bad tatts and heavy piercings - visible ones. It didn't bode well for the company nor their clients. But I think it was the drug use - and the dyed platinum hair - that got him shit canned.

Now and again, I see him around town (though he doesn't know me at all - nor ever heard of me) and he's always a big fucking mess.

I hemmed. I hawed. But it was the host guy - the ones I have the sort-of hots for - that I kept coming back to.

The pig would suck "Jay" while I fucked from the other end.

Interesting, for sure. But again, I was more taken by Jay.

This is a man who insists you shower right before you come over. This is a man who had a towel for me spit his load into (as if!). This is a man who carefully picks out every piece of everything in his house - always clean, always in place.

This is not a man who one would think would have pig sex. Or pig-like sex. I wouldn't even think he'd think about stuff like this. You'd assume if he fucked anyone, he would wear two rubbers....just in case.

But according to Jay, he's fucked his pig raw a few times. He's had others come over at different times to fuck this guy in this same scenario. Nice, handsome, put-together Jay had a dark side, and I was digging it. So yes, I agreed.

I parked a street or two away, as the pig had not arrived. I got a text saying he was there and for me to lock the door behind me (which I actually forgot to do). My shoes and coat came off right in the entry and I made my way back.

There they were. Jay laying back on the bed getting head, while Gary had his add up. Chaps on, jock on. Hood firmly on.

I dropped my pants and underwear. I approached - that white ass just right in front of me. I smacked it so fucking hard, my hand hurt. I got a grunt from him, I got a "fuck yeah" from Jay. His was the only person I cared about here.

I asked if I was the first one today and Jay said yes. I asked when'd the last time "it" got fucked and it answered. That got him a fucking hard smack upside the head. I don't care if he didn't like it, but I'm not sure Jay approved of that. I dialed it back - slightly - from there.

I'd pull out and lay on the bed next to Jay. We'd make out while Gary sucked us. Jay kissed hard and bit lips, hard. He seemingly likes to do it roughly and watch someone being rough. So I put on a show.

Back up and fucking, he told me to give it to him hard and I did. Slapping, fucking - the whole nine yards. And I shot up his hole.

The best part of the day though was watching Gary bump out of the room - still hooded, not seeing anything and running into walls and doors. He changed in the outer room and left. I left shortly thereafter.

Two days later, I got another invite.

Honestly, I wasn't feeling it. But...then Jay said he wanted to breed the hole and have me go in afterwards. It was too intriguing to pass up.

I was told I was not allowed to slap or hit this time, as I gave the guy ringing ears for a day. Fucking pussy.

I went. I did it.

It was great to watch Jay fuck. He took off his shirt for the first time to reveal a really nice chest. And he has the perfect armpits with solid black hair. I could have spent all day with my face buried in there - but he wanted this to be about fucking this guy.


Jay did come first and I was having trouble performing. But he got behind me and played with my tits which helped immensely....and I added a huge load up this guy. I can't really say I felt Jay's load up there though.

Cut to a week later, and I get another invite.

It's a new guy. A better guy - at least on paper. Bad tatts for sure, but thinner, more handsome but no hood.

And he had a better ass, though he could not take my cock with just spit as lube.  Bummer. And believe me, I tried.

I walked in and he was bent over eating Jay's dick. I went right down and ate his ass, something I would not have done to the other guy. Then I stuck my cock in. With only spit.

Well, half my cock. He couldn't take it. Had to use the lube. Then it sunk right in.

I didn't care about the guy. Jay and eye made eye contact as I fucked him hard. REALLY hard. His were not necessarily grunts of pleasure, but he had a mouthful of cock. But it didn't stop me and he could have said 'no' which he did not.

I did take a break to make out with Jay - just wondering how dark he truly was, as he was good with raw fucking and pimping guys out.

Jay got up and fucked this guy. He was a beauty to watch. I was enamored. The handsome look of his face, the lusty look of the way he carried that face as he slammed into him. It was really something to see.

He asked if I wanted to see him breed the guy and then dumped a load deep in him when I said to do it. I got up immediately and shoved in. This time, I kind of felt the wet and warmth of the hole and load. Jay again, played with my tits and got me off in two minutes time......oh, along with that ass.

But like each time, the second I came, Jay hops on his mobile device and does not say another word. As engaged with me as he is before and during the act, he is the polar opposite afterwards...at least for a little while - then comes the texts for validation of what we just did.

It's all a little odd.

I'd be happy to be the bottom at this house, but Jay only wants me for my cock size....and only on others.

I kind of feel cheap. Even for me.

Oh - and I do have some video of the act(s), but you know, Google and their shitty new content rule. I might post the video to Tumblr soon though.


Anonymous said...

I already follow you at tumblr and I'm not pleased to hear what is happening on Blogger in the next month. Have you figured out where you'll be posting your exploits yet?

(as the song goes "I will follow you..."

Anonymous said...

What is your tumblr page? I would like to keep following you if you leave blogger

hairycub said...

I will follow you wherever you post online BikeGuy. Definitely got a hard cock reading Thrice Topping.

Anonymous said...

pretty lame that you had to hit the guy

Bruce Chang said...

So what I'm wondering is if him making you feel cheap and used kinda makes Jay even a little more attractive... :-)

BlkJack said...

Google rescinded their change in policy today.