Sunday, February 15, 2015

On the DL

He hit me up from an ad I placed on Craigslist (which for all its flaws - and they are many - still yields the best success rates for me).

5'8" 170, BBC, 8 cut - was his message back to me.

...and I had to come to him.

After some trouble finding the place - as oddly, the building complex he lived in, the addresses were not sequential, he said he'd be in apartment 8 and the door would be open. It wasn't, so I went back out and checked the address, since it had been so confusing.

But I went back up, a little wary, as I didn't walk into a bad situation.

This time, the door was ajar. I pushed open and there he was, already nude. Exactly as described, along with some tatts and the markings of a week old beard.

Once I was in, he told me I had to lose his number, as he had texted me earlier. This was to be a one time thing. I was ok with that. Most of my "things' are one timers. And it wasn't a horribly convenient location.

I also noticed a shoe rack in the middle of the living area. Lots of 4-6" heels. Leopard print. Shocking pink ones. Glitter ones.

I went more with he was entirely on the DL than he was a drag queen at night. The beard would have thrown off the 'illusion', though I've seen odder things. But put together with his 'one time thing' comment, I'm going more for the down low scenario. I'm assuming he lived there with his girl.

The guy walked over to the sofa and plopped down. While I appreciate an 8" cock - this was closer to 9.5".

Maybe he was modest. Maybe he can't measure. Maybe saying 9.5" scared guys or girls off. And he was thick. Very very thick.

And one hates to complain about a cock like this - and it's not really a complaint - but.......honestly the cock was so big, I'm not sure this 5'8" guy had enough blood in his body to fill a dick like this.

I'd say at best he got 75% hard. Maybe 80.  At first I took it as a failure on my skills, but I think it would take a lot to make this massive meat stiff as a board.

The entire cock was very squishy, which was nice in a way - as I could get it all the way in my mouth, which he seemed to enjoy. But then I knew I would have trouble getting him off with only mouth. While some guys need and like a hand to be used, I feel it's cheating.

But this guy, like it or not was going to have a hand. And it worked. It took a while but he loved the feeling of the hand / mouth combo.

And when he shot, he really let loose.

Not to worry - I got it all. Every drop.

He thanked me. I thanked him. I was out the door and I deleted his number per his instructions.

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BlkJack said...

What a lucky cocksucker! Just the mere description makes my mouth water.