Friday, February 27, 2015

One Last (?) Blogger Update - - Hopefully

Ok - this is getting old. 

Hopefully this is the last update on the Blogger / Google / "Porn" situation. 

Allegedly, Blogger / Google has reversed their decision on banning adult content. 

Oddly (though not really), unlike the email I got from Blogger telling me about their decision, I have yet to get one on the reversal - nor do I expect one to be forthcoming. 

Part of me thinks some people will go and move their content off - of the site, or off of Blogger - and there will be no eating crow, at least in public....or at least kept to a minimum. 

It would be nice to get the official word and not just from Engadget (well and from The Breeder, who sent me the above link). 

So I have held off on removing any more content. IF I opt to, I will restore it....but oddly that is a lot more work than removing it. I'm glad I started with the latest years. But I will also wait to see what the "official" word might be. I'd kind of like to hear it from the horse's mouth. 

Now.....back to our regularly scheduled dirty adventure tales. 


(awk)Word said...

I'm cautiously optimistic.

Mark Greene said...

I strongly believe things are back to the way the policy was, However just like you I received the first letter threatening to close the adult blogs but nothing on the revision of this decision. I sent a letter to Blogger stating this fact and never heard back. Not the best way to do business in my opinion, but at least the blogs are still in business. At least the ones that haven't left because they receive the revised policy.

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