Friday, March 20, 2015

Almost There

The catch-phrase of many a trick.

Usually it is in reference to texting when they are on the way to a sex event. No matter how far out they are, it's always 'almost there'.

It's the "I'll be there in 5 minutes" and 22 minutes later you're still waiting. Assuming they've never read Emily Post or Ms. Manners, learning how to tell time seems to be a struggle for them. These are usually the ones who also say they have 6.5" and actually have 4".

I blame the education system.

Age has a something to do with it, but learning to tell time and good manners span all age ranges. I've had guys who are two minutes away - to never show. I secretly hope they've been in a fatal car accident. Not that they're dead, but caused it and will spend years in prison  - and that's why I wasn't getting laid. Of course the irony in that is that they're someone's prison bitch and getting it way more often now.


He was 26. 6'2", 190, black, 8".

26 is on the young side for me, but he was a mile away and the 45 yo guy who said he'd be here wasn't. Oddly enough that guy did show when the black guy was supposed to, but since he wasn't there either, I sucked his 6.5".....ummmm.....4" dick off. Yeah, he's a contractor. I hope he measures twice and cuts once.

I made haste with the contractor. And the black kid showed up 25 minutes late. A mile away. And he drove. Slowest. Car. Ever.

His pic was more handsome than his actual being. His body not seemingly as tight. He talked about liking the age difference (great?). The interracial difference.  The top / bottom difference.

When his pants were opened, I was more than worried that he'd never make it to 6", let alone 8". But with some time and my velvet mouth, he got to 8".

And he was thick. I liked wrapping my mouth around his thick shaft.

Though we never discussed what he wanted (or myself, for that matter), he brought poppers and lube. Before long, I was willingly bending over my home office desk.

I'd say he eased up me, but he didn't. Being 26 doesn't mean his style trumps his horniness. It was a solid push to the hilt, but I took it.

Fuck did I take it.  For like 25 minutes.

He didn't really have great skills. Nothing bad, but just the basics. And for a younger guy, who can usually get off at the drop of a hat, let me point you back to that 25 minutes.

There were no slow downs. No breaks. No pulling out. Well....he did pull out only to plunge right back in - to the balls.

For the last 10 of those minutes, he was all about the "almost there".  Maybe he was edging himself and lost the mojo. Maybe he was as confused to how close he was in orgasm to how close he was to arriving at my house.

I don't mind a 25 minute fuck (honest!), but mentally you get skewed when you almost thing it is over and gearing up for his load................and it doesn't show.

But eventually, if you say it enough, it will happen. And he delivered a huge load to my guts. I was happy to take it. I could feel the warmth spreading - and that doesn't always happen.

When he pulled out, it was difficult to not notice he was still hard. And I pointed it out.

That's when he told me he had another load for me if I wanted it.

Without words, I bent over the desk again and he went in. All the way in.

It was another 10 minutes of pounding And yes, another 10 minutes of 'almost there'. Then a second load, added to the first.

No plans for another get together, but you know how guys in their '20s are.


(awk)Word said...

At least he showed. I can't tell you how many times guys will pursue me, we'll set it all up... and they NEVER shoe. The fuckers.

Time was I enjoyed an all-night fuck. Now, I don't mind the occasional premature ejaculator. ;-)

cyberi4a said...

That's the problem with smart phones it's to easy for someone to hook up with someone else just as they pull up to your door.

In the old days before cell phone once a guy left his house, he couldn't hook up with anyone else so would actually show up.