Monday, March 16, 2015


I was running errands and was near a fairly cruisy park.

Now, I'll look, but won't touch in these places. At least anymore. The sting operations are too heavy and there's too much to lose - so it's look, maybe talk, perhaps follow someone back to their place or exchange info for a later time.

It was a grey day and more traffic than one would suspect, though it was finally above 40 degrees. I think guys had pre-Spring fever. And while it was busy, there was not much to "look" at - save one. And he came around a few times before parking not far from me.

His hair was trimmed short, to the same size length of his beard, but you could tell in a few years he'd be as follically challenged as I am now. But it would work for him. It was working for him now.

After polite chit-chat, it came down to what each other was looking for. He, for the most part, was a voyeur. He liked to watch. Well, I do like to be watched, but the park and in the cars was not the place for it. And just seeing each other's dicks is so middle school (not that I ever turn down a chance to look).

Even the talk about what we like to do wasn't salacious, just a chat from two automobiles. But if he was a hot looking voyeur, I wanted something to show him. So with his email in my possession, I sent him a shot or two - as I can be something of an exhibitionist.

Against better judgment, I let him walk over to the car and see "it" in real time, of course, I asked prior to if he was a cop. He claimed not to be. He liked what he saw, but he was a voyeur and not a toucher.

Back in his car, he mentioned that his dick was not as big as mine. He also said that his ass was his best part and guys liked to see that. And of course, he had a partner. Not that that ever stops anyone. It wasn't stopping him from cruising the park and looking at a stranger's cock.

Anyway, he lived close to me, though neither of us lived close to this park. I was running errands, he was killing time before meeting friends for dinner. We eventually parted ways, me heading home, him still having more time to "look around" before his meal.

About five minutes from home he messages me, his dinner date canceled on him. While he didn't say it, he was open to meeting for watching me jack off. Not my favorite thing to do, but I DO like to be watched. And I was hoping he might cave on more. So he came over.

With just his track pants pulled down, he sported a nice hard-on under his very very very wet briefs. He was a major major leaker. The light grey had turned mostly dark in the pouch - and the surrounding area. It was kind of hot. This is a man, if he fucked, wouldn't need lube. He WAS lube.

We stood in my kitchen, and he watched me grow. "Nice" was his word of choice. If he said it once, he said it 178 times. He didn't have an expansive vocabulary, but I wasn't looking for him to improve my SAT verbal scores either.

I had forgotten about his comment on his own ass, until he brought it up again and pulled down his trackies enough to show me it.

He was not lying. It was extremely nice. Bubble, but muscle. Meaty yet firm. I could dig my face in there for two or three hours. And I said so.

He responded that his most favorite things was to be rimmed. I said mine was to rim. I offered.....he refused.  ....because he has a boyfriend.

{go ahead, roll your eyes......I'm guessing I did}

But then he turned around and showed me again. Even spreading his cheeks so I could his his very very lightly hair covered hole.

Then he said, "see.......when I bend over....." and he did, right over the counter.

I got down on one knee to take a closer look {wink!} and he jumped back.

"I really can't.........I said I had a boyfriend".


A big fucking tease.

Yet he still stroked his dick, though just barely. He reached over and grabbed a paper towel and immediately squirted a load onto it.

I had told him before that I didn't have to suck it and he could come on my outstretched tongue - never actually touching each other.

But you know......he had a boyfriend.........and couldn't.

I guess he can text a guy and show up at his house. I guess he can cruise the parks and see exposed cocks. I guess he can flaunt his ass, knowing the reaction.

The guy's a tease.  Plain and simple.


cyberi4a said...

"""""{go ahead, roll your eyes......I'm guessing I did}"""""

I did

He sounds more like the type when you bent over the counter he wanted you to 'attack' his hole so in his mind he was forced into it (wink wink) and didn't cheat on the BF. I know, eye rolling again right :-)

Bruce Chang said...

Hm... I can't tell if he was concerned about crossing some lines of fidelity or concerned about the risk of bringing something home (i.e. STIs and the like). Cause I've heard relationship status wielded both ways. And even one guy in a group situation imply that he's STD free _because_ of his relationship status. That made my eyes roll so hard I thought they'd pop out of the socket.

Gotta say, though, that I love a leaky guy. And I bet that if you grabbed his wrists to keep himself from touching himself and then made one swipe across that hole, he'd fire off handsfree. Or at least, that's how it played out in my head. Nope, nope. Can't convince me otherwise. That's what happened. Ha!