Monday, March 23, 2015

Doubletree Kid


That is how old he was. Twenty-fucking-five.

But he was cute. And he was in a hotel not a mile from where I was.

Deep down, I knew what he wanted. He wouldn't say, but I've been 25 before. Many of that age like older men, and rarely are they looking to fuck a guy from a generation ahead of them.

No, I went in knowing what my role would most likely be.

He texted me to let me know when I got to the hotel. But the text came as one hand was raised to knock on the door. Fuck the texting back shit. I knocked. He opened, standing behind the door, with nary a stitch on.

His pictures were true, a rarity it seems these days.

He immediately used the 'D' word:  'daddy'.

I should have slapped him then and there.

As it is, I pulled him close to me, his naked backside to my fully clothed body. We happened to be facing the full length hotel mirror - and it looked like a good sight.

I have to say, he had the firmest and possibly highest ass I've have ever encountered. I'm not sure how many squats he's doing per day, but it works to his advantage. Being 25 helps. Genetics too, no doubt.

I bent him over his bed and got on my knees. I fucking ate that hole for all it was worth. The kid must have a line of guys waiting to fuck him. No doubt anyone would take the chance. Clearly, even I was taking opportunity this cold night.

I chuckled to myself, as his tv was on, playing one of the few 'SouthPark' episodes I've probably watched. It entailed people being abducted by aliens and being probed anally.  Which is exactly what I was going to do to this kid.

While you know he had to be a slut, he was relatively tight. And I know I'm thick, but I'm not least I don't think.

Though I didn't fuck him THAT long.

I think he was hoping for a quick pump and dump and while sometimes I work that way, sometimes I don't........or can't.  This time it was a mixture of both.

Truthfully, I would have rather had his boy cock up my ass, but I knew that was not meant to be. He was all about being the bottom.

I won't lie, I needed some of my hand to give me assistance to get me to the edge, but I punched my cock in him when I unloaded, giving him every drop I had in my balls, which was substantial.

I would have filmed that for you, but I ran out of space on my camera when I was filming the above. No worries, I cleared off my camera weeks ago to make mucho space for pics and video.

He said he wanted another go-round but never responded to me. I guess he didn't necessarily want it from me.


cyberi4a said...

Why is it that hotel meet ups just seem more hot and trashy then doing that same thing, but at someones home.

Anonymous said...

Because they are! And thank god for that!!

Paul, NYC

Bruce Chang said...

Oh, the things kids watch while having hotel sex... I once had a guy start chuckling while I and another top bud was on top of him. He had SNL on in the background.