Monday, March 09, 2015

IT Department

30yo professional here 8in cut tool and muscular build. Your [sic] a dirty little cum whore who needs put in his place, on your knees in front of my cock either send me your address or get your ass over to the corner of 1st and Main (streets made up to protect the location), I'm gonna fill your throat up nice and deep.

That was his reply to a craigslist ad I posted maybe 30 minutes prior. Yes, in the ad I put 'verbal and aggressive are a plus', but almost no one either reads for content or attempts to pull off those qualities.

He kind of hit the mark on the first outing.

I said I would be there at 12:00N and he said fine. He was at work, but had his own office where we could do this. Fuck yes.

Some might find that situation and setting daunting. I'm not one of those people. I mean, no longer will I meet anyone purposefully at a Home Depot restroom - as those are patrolled and I have desire to be busted.

A work office, to me, is different.

I got to his building and texted. He told me where to go and I did. After a little confusion on his direction, I made it there and I was not disappointed.

While he looked older than 30, he was certainly muscular and didn't quite fit the bill of the stereotypical IT guy.

This guy had dark curly hair, and almost a Mediterranean or Mid Eastern look about him. He was very sexy.

He had zero trepidation about doing this in his office. As soon as the second door was closed, his hands reached for his belt and zipper and his pants were down around his ankles. He was confident and sexy. It's like I had hit the fucking jackpot.

I also had no reservation about doing it there. So as soon as his belt was open, I was on my knees.

To say the meat was hefty would be an understatement. It was wide and thick and close to 8" - so he pretty much delivered what he promised.

We did start with him standing. His hands eventually finding my shoulders....and then my head. Both hands, actually, as he used my mouth for his pleasure.....his pace. He had excellent skills at face fucking - and we were both loving it.

I think he'd probably be a loud guy, but was unable to here. Actually, I think we could have been much louder and no one could have heard us, but then again, I don't have to work there.

He sat back on a high chair (but not quite a stool) and leaned back. There I licked the underside of the shaft and his balls.

The shaft really filled my mouth, though at that angle and with the upward curve of his dick, it was a little harder to get all the way to the base  - though I gave it my all.

As I worked lower, I heard him ask, "do you rim?".

My response was to tell him to move closer to the edge of the chair, which he gladly did. There, I took about 5-6 minutes to eat his fucking hot pucker. I made it and him feel fucking great. And let's face it, I LOVE eating a guy's shitter, so I was in heaven myself.

But I did have to get back to the cock. That was the ad. That was his response. That was his need. (though deep down I wanted him to pick me up, bend me over the desk and ram it home....but maybe another time.)

With him still reclined in the chair, I worked and worked at it. He was fucking my face too, which was admirable considering how we were positioned.

His load started to fill my mouth, but unlike most guys who let it throb and shoot, he fucked the entire time. He just used my mouth. I was swallowing one load and he kept fucking even after he was done.  Or I thought he was done.

He kept fucking for maybe 45 more seconds and goes, "here comes the second load" and there it was. Thicker and more plentiful than the first.

At least I think.

The first one he fucked down my throat in a way. This one, he finally stopped moving and blew his spunk into my open mouth. I felt it. I tasted it - and both were great.

He told me he'd be using me again, as we got put back together.

I hope he's not fucking with me.....because I want him to fuck with me.


cyberi4a said...

That got be boned to start my morning. Nice looking cock pic and getting a double load must have been awesome for you.

gh_lovr said...

fucking awesome! got me boned here.

love when the stars line up and you both get what you want and need.

great pics too!

Queer Heaven said...

I was sitting here checking on blogs afte swallowing a lovely mouth full of a buddy's Cum... and I stumbled onto your blog.
Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

thats a hot story!sounds like you could have some good times with him and his dirty hole ;)/....try giving him a blumpkin since you both love assplay-could be a regular outing for both;0....
thx for the hardon;)

CoolTop said...

God, I wish I could cum twice in a row.