Monday, March 30, 2015

Dad and Son

Rarely - and very rarely at that - I take the 'daddy' role.

You heard that 25 year old call me that a few posts ago. But I keep reminding myself why I dumped Grindr almost two years ago:  everyone is so fucking young.  Well that, and "guys" hitting me from 8000 miles away (read: bots). Both are equally annoying. Both get blocked. 

But not that long ago, a 20 year old hit me up. The pics were nice, though nothing full of his face. He had a slight build, but defined, as kids with no body fat, though no real athletic prowess behind them, seem to have. 

He was in his dorm room, killing time before his 7p class. Did I want to play? 


Of course I wanted to, but probably not like he wanted. But I put it out there, that I was looking to give head and he sent me a pic of his more than ample cock. I took that as a signal that he was ok with it all. 

He had to walk over from his dorm to my place. Of course he did - he's 20 and living off-campus of a university. It was cold, he was bundled up and looking to get warm. I gave that to him. 

Something about him being there - be it the age difference, or our height or body size, but I had this paternal feeling, in a way.  Sure, it was a dirty fatherly figure kind of thing, but I think we're all ok with that here, no? 

I grabbed him and drew him to me. With my hand behind his head, I brought him in for the kiss. It was deep, it was wet, it was powerful. 

Just like some cheesy woman's romance novel, I felt him go weak in my arm. I held him up, kept him pulled into me, not that he was trying to remotely get away. This lasted several minutes. But in that time, from the time he contacted me, to the time he walked in the door, to that kiss. The plan was off the table. 

The words, 'boy', 'son', 'dad', were uttered......possibly all by me. 

With hands on his shoulders, I guided him to his knees. To say I pushed would be to imply he wasn't willing. He was oh so fucking willing. 

I helped with the belt, he did the rest. 

For being 20, he was very very good with his mouth. He could not quite get the last inch in his mouth, but the first seven, his mouth was golden. I even placed him up against the wall, pinned between that an my thighs. He took a slow, but deliberate face fucking, but not matter how hard I pushed, that last inch wasn't going. And yes, I know I could have pushed harder. Forced more. Hurt him, even until he complied. But I didn't. 

And during this time, looking down at him, I knew exactly what I had to do.  And you know it too. 

I reached down, without a word, and eased him up from his pits. Sometime during our play, his pants were down. I had already cupped his very small but firm ass. And it was to be mine. 

He didn't fight me or protest as I turned him around at the wall. His hands went up, without me even having to say a word. And he said nothing. 

He was silent when I spit in my hands and rubbed those on my cock. He was silent when I pressed against his hole, bare as the day I was born. He said nothing when I reached for my camera. 

While he claimed to only have started getting fucked in the last year, the kid was a natural. That hole opened up for Daddy with such ease. 

It was everything you'd think of a boy hole. Tight. Warm. Willing. And just like his mouth - he knew what he was doing. He never asked me to go slower, or stop. If he didn't like anything I was doing, he never said a word. But I think he loved what I was doing. 

20 yo powered by XTube

As it turns out, I did not need to give him a ride to school, which must be a passage for every dad and son. He's big enough to walk there on his own.

Possibly my favorite part of the event was the text I got from him later, saying "I didn't want to interrupt your video, but you are clean, right?"

That is the sign of a good boy - rather not spoil the video I was making to ask a very important question. He knows his place.

...and he wants it again.


Anonymous said...

Very hot vid sir! Hope there's a Part 2 video soon.

FelchingPisser said...

It seems to be a gay rule, at least for a number of men I know: if they are younger we want to fuck them, if they are older we want to suck their cocks...

Bruce Chang said...

Older, younger. I just want to marinate in sloppy seconds. Can I? Can I? Put me in there coach! Put me on deck to bat next!

bbburghbottom said...

I saw this vid on xtube yesterday and thought it might be you. Good job! Delivered the load right where it needed to go!

Bilboquet said...

FelchingPisser, pretty sure the rule also apply to bigger/taller guys vs smaller/shorter guys. ;)