Thursday, March 26, 2015

Return of the IT Guy

He's had me back.  Twice. 

The IT guy, that is. To me, he is incredibly hot and built. Nice arms and chest. Great legs and ass. Good ink. 

And a perfect dick. 

It doesn't hurt that he's handsome as fuck - very masculine. It is not what I'd call a pretty face, but masculine, serious and just hot. 

The first time back, his office was conducting a meeting. I'm not sure how he got out of it, but he did. And while we could not use that, he took me to the server room. 

It seemed apropos. I would be serving him there. 

Behind two sets of locked doors, the room was noisy. Tons of servers. A number of internal and external fans. I was oddly more anxious about servicing him here than in his office. There you'd hear someone approach. Here, the white noise was so loud - it wasn't really white. You'd never hear a thing until it was far too late. 

But I'm assuming it's a smaller work place and he might be the only holder of the keys, other than a security person. 

He wasn't as worried. Clearly. Not only was it his place of employment, but he had not hesitation taking off his pants completely. 

Like last time, it was me on my knees. Like last time, it was me sucking cock. Like last time, it was me munching on his butthole. 

All of it good. Great, in fact. 

There was no talking this time - not there was much last - because to have any kind of exchange would mean to raise the voice as loud as the interior noise and that just seemed risky.  But of course, I did get the load. And it was just as great as the first time. 

A week later, I was asked back. It should be noted that while I try not to contact him, the lust I feel for the man makes me break that pact. Usually he ignores me and will contact me days later if in need. I rearrange things to get there in the allotted time frame. 

This last time was back in his office. His door cracked open for me to walk in. Him closing it behind me, then to his inner office where again, his pants came off. Immediately, he was in his chair / stool, leaning back having me worship his cock. 

It's a happy place to be. 

The man is quiet. Very quiet. The only time he really says a thing is when I'm eating his ass. Or "rimming" it. 

At the first encounter, he asked if I "rim". Well of course I do, but that word  was the only thing that made me think he's not straight. Do straight man use the word "rim"?   Seriously, I'm asking? 

I've heard them tell me to eat or lick their ass, but never to rim. Of course, he's younger, so maybe the 30 year olds are more in touch with that language. 

I've tried to get him to play with my nipples, but he doesn't know what to do with them, so he does nothing. Or maybe he doesn't want to do anything with them. He's a little awkward here, so I don't know if he is straight (I kind of hope he is), inexperienced (doubtful), or shy (possible). 

I also tried to get him to talk - even a little. Asked when he came last.  He said three days prior, when he came in a girl's face, as she wouldn't take it in her mouth. 

Is it a story? The truth?  Do I care?  Should I? 

It would be very hot if it were and he just used me to get what he's not getting at home, or when he goes out to a club. 

Of course, I also got the load that time. 

.....some of which you can see above. Sorry, it's not a great shot. 

He tossed me a kleenex in case I wanted to clean up. I wasn't messy, but there was no way I was wiping any of him away. 

I walked out proudly. 

I'm hoping for a few repeats in the near future. 


Bruce Chang said...

I know exactly what you mean about the server room. And the odd thing about it is that it's incredibly cold and incredibly warm at the same time, depending on the aisle. And yeah, I've fucked in one before. Thinking back, yeah... That was kinda reckless. Ha!

cyberi4a said...

That is a nice cock he has. You're right, unless he watches or reads a lot of gay porn, rim would not be his word of choise. Also what girl would want a face full of come and ruin their make