Thursday, March 05, 2015


He pulled up to the house in a pick-up. In the back where his tools. He was coming from some job site on the other side of town.

He had to come to this side so he'd be fairly sure no one would know him - or see him. Especially his wife - and what I was later to find out, nor his girlfriend.

I could see why he'd have both - along with a cocksucker. He oozed masculinity. He wasn't muscular, per se, but he was put together nicely.

5'9", 165 or so. Buzzed head, clean shaven and a 6.5" cock.  And the face was cute as hell.

Like a lot of trades guys, he smoked. His clothes and finger didn't smell it, but it coated me each and every time he exhaled, as he was looking down on me and breathing that way also. It was distracting at best. He wasn't a light smoker, apparently.

Still, there is something hot about blowing a real working man - and I won't lie, that he had a wife and girlfriend and still virile enough to needing more on the side a was plus.

He immediately sat down. I like for them to stand too, but he'd probably been standing all day long. His pants went to his ankles and there they stayed. I went to my knees, and there I stayed.

His cock started off way too small. Sure it was freezing out. Sure it could have been nerves too. But I still don't believe a cock is as advertised until it is fully hard.

Soon enough he came up to his advertised size. And the head was just great - one of those extremely smooth ones that my lips and tongue just love passing over time and time again. It's amazing how different those can feel - how each dick can feel and it is up to the cocksucker (me) to trace each one, to get to know it and gauge reactions to where I am on each guy.

And that is what I did for him.

While he liked my tongue work when I was down on his shaft, he really liked it more right under the head. He responded to that time and again.

Overall, he was fairly quiet. Now and then he'd compare what I was doing to his girlfriend (this is how I knew he had one). He said she sucked and swallowed, but not like me. She said she was good, but thought I did better.

Though I had my jeans on, I did reach down to grab my cock through the denim now and again. He told me not to do that, as that wasn't something he ever wanted to see.

I kind of chuckled to myself at this. I get he was uncomfortable at the possibility of seeing another man's cock, while he was having one suck his. But i get it.

After about 20 minutes, I finally asked if he wanted me to work him up and off or just wanted me to keep sucking. I was good either way, but I was deliberately keeping him from getting too close, as I was enjoying it too much.

He said he was good for a while. So I figured I could take my time.

And for a little while longer I did, but I must have gone past that tipping point without realizing it.

Rarely have I had my head gripped so tight. He was a powerful man who held me on his spasming cock - making sure I wasn't going to go anywhere, or at least anywhere that he didn't say so.

The load was massive and tasted good. As you know, that is not always the case. But I stayed on the cock - not that I had a choice - and took every drop, even though he was a bit sensitive. I wanted to have it all.

As he was getting dressed - or pants on - he asked if I got enough. I told him how big his load was and he told me he had gotten off the night before, fucking his girlfriend.

I'd like to try him when he hasn't gotten off for a few days.

But the deal was, I would not contact him again - and if he wanted a repeat, he would get a hold of me.

Let's hope.


Bruce Chang said...

Ah, but they all say they don't want to see your junk and then sometime down the line they end up sucking you or getting dicked down. Ha! And you gotta admit, you have a nice piece. One that can dickmerize. Of course, my perspective might be skewed based on what I normally go for so maybe I only keep up connections with guys where I feel like that's on the table. The longest running one was 8 years of me giving him head every now and then before just about a year ago out of the blue, he pulled me up and started sucking me...

cyberi4a said...

Guys like that who need sex alot will find a male cocksucker handy for quick blows and they know they don't have to hang around, be romantic, be nice, be gentle like with their wives or girlfriends. That can for for the cocksucker also, since there are time you just want to suck cock and be gone also.

Anonymous said...

i like to have them fuck me and see if i get the chance to fuck them ;)