Monday, March 02, 2015


He answered my ad, asking guys to spray my throat, with this opener:

 "that mouth looks like a good little fuck hole. gotta warn you, I'm not into sitting back and getting my dick sucked. I'm gonna take full control of ur mouth, face and head. Slap my heavy dick down on ur face and tongue. Wipe my precum on your face and beard".

Ok ok, already - enough of the sweet talk. You had me at 'take full control of ur mouth'.

He gave me his address and I was on my way. Well, he gave me 'an' address - accidentally on purpose.

While he claims he mistyped it, the address he gave was miraculously right across the street, so he could see me and send me a message to 'turn around'. so he could wave me over. Let's face it - he was checking me out to see if I was acceptable. It was a dick move, but I was already there. Yeah - I know - I'm weak when it come to (not) getting cock.

33, 5'11", 180, 7.5". He said he was hairy, but it was so cold out, no clothes really came off - save my Carhartt coat.

The 'hood was questionable, the streets completely untouched for snow removal, but his house wasn't nearly as beat up inside as it looked from the exterior. And it had heat. Looking at some of these places, you'd wonder if they had anything but kerosene heaters.

As you'd imagine with his email intro, there was no fooling around. Immediately I was on my knees. He presented his lump under his sweats by making it bulge from the grip around his cock and balls. I nuzzled them. I licked the cotton. I completely worshipped the package in front of me.

Then it was just his briefs guarding his junk. He called me a 'pathetic cocksucker' as I paid attention to nothing but his encased dick.

Soon enough, it came out. It was nice.  7 - 7.5" Nice sized heft to it.

But when it came to degrading me - demeaning me, even - he had it down. He was a fucking natural at the way the words fell from his mouth and with the right inflection.

I was doing a great job on his cock - if I say so myself. But his talking didn't hurt matters at all.

"Choke on that dick......choke on that fucking dick"  

He took his tool and slapped me in the face with it, including on my eyes. He even commented on it: "right in your eye, dude.   you're a nasty bitch, a nasty motherfucker.  you love sucking dick"

When you're right, you're right.

I went down to lick his balls, which he loved, but at that time he started to stroke his cock to keep the momentum up. "That's your spit I'm jacking off with.The spit of a cocksucker." He reveled in saying shit like that.

He purposefully stuffed his cock head into the side of my mouth so he could see it bulging through the skin of my cheek. He fucking loved seeing that and made a few comments on that as well. He talked constantly, which turned me on constantly.

After a while, he got me off of my knees and sat me on his couch. Though that was too low for him, so he stood on the couch and had me lean back. He fucked my face and beat it with his slimy cock.

Then it was back to my knees. I knew he was holding off a bit. Edging himself and I was trying to help him with that, not really wanting this to end, but knowing it's a fine line of staying around too long.

He put me on my back, on the floor and did push-ups onto my mouth. I like those - and I don't. I like the aggression, but some guys don't know their own ability - or lack of - and there is nowhere for the cocksucker to go except into the floorboards.

He teetered on the edge of choking me with his cock for a while. Then he stood up directly over me.

With two strokes of his shaft, his load started to shoot - and pour - out.

Massive amounts of jizz.

At least half went directly in my open, waiting mouth. So what you see on my face is the rest. So I am not fibbing about how massive his load was.

Now, I took the pic, but you know I wasn't about to waste it. As I lay there, trying to reach his spooge with my tongue, and eventually trying to scoop it up with my fingers to feed myself - he told me it was time for me to go - NOW!.

I walked to my car with his cum on my face. No neighbors around to see that kind of detail, but the possibility existed, I suppose.

In the car, I wiped up the rest and ate it all, even as the subzero degree temps started to freeze it in place.  I got it all.

By the time I got home, he had sent and email:

"I will let u know if u can be of anymore use to me"

Not even signed off 'xoxo'.

Can you believe it?  

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cyberi4a said...

Leaving with a guys load on your face can be so hot, and that one line note he sent can be degrading just like a cocksucker like to feel sometimes :-)