Friday, October 07, 2005

(Almost) Empty Apartment

I had a business dinner last night and emailed the hot fuck who feeds me in his empty rental unit. He was cool w/me stopping by on my way home. I told him I'd call 10 minutes before my arrival. I did - but no answer. Undetered, I showed up anyway. He was there and waiting.

The apartment wasn't completely empty. He had one wooden chair in the living area. He looked at me and said "strip!" and indicated that I should put my clothes on it. Earlier in email I said no cumming on my face this time - I wanted it in my mouth since I'd have a suit on. He took care of that by making me take off my suit. He left the room, by the time he returned, I was naked, hard and on my knees.

He came right to my mouth and pushed his boxer-brief crotch in my face. I licked, gnawed and sucked his growing cock through that white material. I soaked the pouch before he turned around wanting the same attention his white-cottened ass. Soon enough the material slid down over the buns and I just went to eating the hole. I love getting my tongue up there - and clearly so did he.

Eventually he turned around to feed me cock. My head against the wall with him sliding his dick in and out of my mouth w/ease. There was grabbing of my head and some slapping - but not as hard or often as the last few times. But his mouth was still dirty - calling me any number of things, but mostly something to do w/me being a 'whore'. : )

At some point he went to the chair he brought out and sat on it's edge spreading his legs wide. He told me to crawl there and suck his cock. Naturally I did as I was told. I'd got there and deep throated that big 8". He kept telling me how much *I* liked sucking *his* cock. He was not wrong.

After that he got me on my back and fingered my ass. Normally I find fingers too boney for my ass - but his felt good. Good enough for me to ask for his cock. He deftly ignored my request - never even acknowledging it.

More ass eating. More nut licking. More cocksucking. Eventually he got on his knees and told me to lie on my belly in front of him to suck his prick. I did. He reached over to finger my ass again. It felt ok - but not a great angle for either for us. But soon enough he was ready to let the load go. He got me against the wall again to feed me dick. Soon he unloaded...a few spurts on my left cheek before I forced his cock into my mouth to capture the spooge.

He pulled his dick out w/a plop and then slapped my face 'CUM!' he commanded. I've never been one to cum on demand - or rarely even attempt to cum at all when getting another guy off.
He was not to be unfullfilled. He started smacking my face - 'you filthy stinking WHORE!' and lots of variations of it.

When that didn't work he told me to lean back and expose my ass. He was great about finger fucking me. Slow, fast and always deep. Not as good as a cock, but he knew what he was doing. And enough to get my to blow my 5 day load all over my belly.

I'm hoping he NEVER rents that apartment!

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